Looking for mp3 player recommendations!

Hi, all. I’ve spent more hours than I care to count trying to research and buy an inexpensive and reliable mp3 player (primarily for podcasts) to replace an old, user-unfriendly Creative 1GB, and I’m now **very **frustrated. I don’t know why it is so hard to find what I’m seeking! It all seems pretty reasonable and basic… :eek:

So, I was wondering if anyone here has any recommendations, please.

What I want, in a nutshell, is:
*]crash-/death-resistant (reliable, under normal use)
*]a screen
*]4-8 GB capacity
*]replaceable battery
*]around $75, maybe up to $100
*]NOT a Sony or Zune, as Sony and Microsoft are both donors to Planned Parenthood
*]NOT a Sansa, as I already tried and returned this
*]if from an online site, the ability to return/exchange defective products for free[/LIST]I would appreciate any recommendations or pointers.

Thanks! :thumbsup:

You can get a 2GB iPod Shuffle for $69 and and 8GB iPod nano for $149. To me, it’s worth the extra money for an iPod. I have a shuffle, nano, & classic iPod and and iPhone and I love all of mine. They don’t have a replaceable battery but you can send off to apple and they will fix it, usually.

Well, you have covered the major ones that I’ve heard about already. I’m personally an ipod fan. I’m not big on apple products in general, but I’m quite attached to my ipod. They are reliable and drop resistant. I’ve dropped mine a couple of times and other than a few cosmetic scratches, no problems. They don’t have a replaceable battery, but the seem to have a really good battery life. I’ve had my current one for about two years and haven’t noticed a drop in charge time. My mom is using the first one I bought, three years ago, and I haven’t heard of her having any problems either. You can check into the refurbished ones and they have some under $100.

You can check here for some more ideas.

I’m with those two ^^^^^^. I have one of the original iPod mini’s - 4gb, bought in 2005 and still going strong. It’s travelled round the world with me, including over a year in the tropics of Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. Lots of accessories, no probs. :thumbsup:

Well, the OP did reject Sony & Microsoft products b/c they donate to Planned Parenthood. Apple donated $100,ooo to the anti-Prop 8 campaign so I don’t know if that rules out the iPod.

Besides with Apple products 1/2 the price is just for the name. I have an RCA Opal 8gig I’m very happy with but no removable battery. If you want crashproof you definitely want a flash drive player instead of one w/ a mini HD.

Check out the going out of business sale at Circuit City.

Thanks for the info! I’m going to be running some errands shortly, so I’ll swing-by Walmart and maybe Circuit City and explore these options.

(P.S. I had forgotten about Apple’s donation against Prop 8 – thanks for the reminder!)

You are going to go crazy if you try to avoid buying products from any companies that support things that are sinful.

Don’t forget that Walmart is a major seller of Chinese products. By shopping there you will be indirectly helping a government that forces some of its citizens to undergo abortions and also forces the Church underground.

See the problem? I also hope you don’t drink Pepsi, bank at Bank of America, buy HP printer cartridges, wear Nike shoes, or shop at Radio Shack or Best Buy, because these companies also have or have had relationships with Planned Parenthood and/or have supported the homosexual lifestyle.

Oh yeah and you might want to stop using Google also because they also gave money for the anti-prop 8 campaign.

Where does this end?!!! :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I’m not sure if this will be helpful, but Wikipedia has an article that does a side-by-side comparison of many major mp3 players:

Comparison of portable media players

Unfortunately, it doesn’t say anything about cost or whether or not the battery is removeable/replaceable. But at least it gives you names of the different types of mp3 players so you can search and try to find out more info. I had no idea there were so many different kinds. I thought ipod was the only one. :wink:

We also need to boycott the utility companies because they provide electricity and water to Planned Parenthood, thus enabling them to perform abortions.

Seriously, though, it’s a noble ideal, but very hard to practice 100%. If it were a requirement not to patronize such companies, all Catholics would be living off of Dominos pizza and making our own clothes.

I guess we could all stand to brush up on our moral philosophy, particularly regarding the distinction between formal cooperation with evil and material cooperation with evil. :wink:

iPods are awesome.

Thanks again for the input. :slight_smile:

Well, I bought a late-model 8GB RCA Opal at Walmart the other day, and it looks like a keeper; so far, so good. I had to give-up on the replaceable battery idea, but Walmart was (perhaps mistakenly?! :confused:) selling it for only $50, so I thought it a reasonable purchase. I’m not terribly thrilled with the goofy way it organizes the files (I’ve tried several times to make it simple and logical for myself), which may be related to copyright protection issues common to all players, but I’m prepared to accept this for the numerous benefits of having such a player.

Regarding the question of boycotts: I know, though I dislike it, that it is impossible for practical and financial reasons (four kids and us on one teacher’s salary), to boycott **all **companies that cooperate with the Culture of Death. What I **do **try to do – and encourage others to do – is not go out of my way to support the ones I **do **know about and can avoid! :thumbsup:

For example, years ago when I graduated college and was thinking of “treating myself” to a trip to Disneyland, I chose not to spend the mucho dinero (completely elective) to do so because of their gay-friendly policies. Ditto for our growing family now.

Though it is cumbersome at times, we are also **aware **of the policies of and **able **to boycott HP, Sony, B of A, and others for pro-life/pro-family reasons. Furthermore, I don’t boycott because I’m afraid of cooperating with evil, sinning mortally, and thus going to Hell; I boycott because it is the best way, in our economic system, to **get the message across **that I don’t believe in the junk companies are promoting. For the record, I don’t believe that anyone who is ignorant of pro-death commercial policies or who is unable to successfully boycott them all (who can?!) is guilty of even venial sin, let alone the mortal sin of cooperating with evil that could send one to Hell.

I hope this explanation helps.

God bless!

I have three iPods and love them. Still I know some techies liked the Creative Zen brand.

The legal battles between Creative and Apple have been fun to watch-- Apple says Creative stole some of their interface, Creative [makers of the Soundblaster audio cards beloved of gamers] says Apple stole the idea of using a hard drive as a music storage device from Creative.

I’ve had both, and while my Zen was very robust mechanically, the program to opperate it wasn’t half as good as Apple’s iTunes. If I were shopping tomorrow, I wouldn’t even look at anything but an iPod Classic, fits in your hand better than the smaller models and now have 120 gigs.

But my Zen was a ‘Neon’, a model that hasn’t been made in quite some time now, so very possibly none of that really applies anymore, and my contribution here pointless.

Which means it must be time for bed…

I got the same one, also for $50 at Wal-Mart – I’d recommend getting the holder & armband plus charger kit that they sell as well. The holder offers some protection if you drop it, which I have a couple times already. If you aren’t a klutz, don’t bother :slight_smile:

You’re right that it’s quirky sometimes. I downloaded a free audiobook from Librivox and loaded it, when I tried to plat it the chapters were sorted all the even numbers fisrt then all the odds :confused:

Now that you have your mp3 player check out the “favorite Catholic podcast” thread.

And apple publicly supports gay marriage… by criticizing CA Prop 8. (I sent a nastygram about that.)

But given your critera, you really want an apple. Rugged, decent warranty support, well supported on mainstream OS’s (OSX, Win XP, Win Vista).

The iPod Nano has the screen, and the size, and the durability… (my 3rd gen nano has survived two car crashes, and being dropped 7’ onto concrete…)

Personally, I think we need to get businesses out of sociopolitics…

I don’t buy products on the basis of the politics as a general rule. Only on the function.

I’ve had 2 very simple, very cheap mp3 players, and they both are fine for listening to talks downloaded from the internet. My first mp3 player was a 250 mb Coby for $19.99 purchased at Value City. It was very small, but I usually condensed my mp3 files using the “Switch” program so I could load more talks on it. Then my life got easier the day I walked into Big Lots and saw a 2 Gb Sylvania Sport mp3 player for $25. I couldn’t pass up such a good deal, so I upgraded, and gave my beloved Coby to a friend. Another bonus in addition to its increased size was that the Sylvania player had a screen on it so you could see what was playing. The Coby one didn’t even have that feature–it just looked like a cigarette lighter with a few buttons on it.

Both of them use 1 AAA battery, and I use rechargable batteries and a battery charger. I prefer this to a built in rechargable battery because you can play it forever as long as you have enough batteries with you. This is very useful if you are traveling on a plane.

I never experienced an ipod, so maybe I don’t know what I’m missing. But sometimes the more simple something is, the fewer things can go wrong.

If you want suggestions about sites to go to for Catholic talks, let me know. I’ve got lots of them.

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