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I had been listening to a traditional priest’s sermons on YouTube for about a year now. His sermons were very solid and straightforward. However I have also heard in one of his recent videos that he is possibly a sedevacantist since he never refers to Pope Francis by name. He refers to him as “the current occupant of the Seat of Peter” and usually doesn’t have great things to say about him. He doesn’t refer to himself as part of the SSPX or any other schismatic groups, but I worry that maybe I should unsubscribe from his channel. Does anyone else know where I can find solid orthodox Catholic sermons online?

Who is this priest?

I don’t believe I’m supposed to give names, but the YouTube channel is called Sensus Fidelium. It actually has a few different priests that give sermons in different videos.


Father Mike Schmitz on the Campus of UMD. This site has a ton of great ones.

Father John Riccardo, Great speaker and author.

I’m subscribed to that channel but I’ve not watched any sermons. You can try the Our Lady of Good Counsel parish channel, there’s a lot of good content there. And if you like the pastor, Fr. John Riccardo, he has a ton of podcasts for free on Ave Maria radio’s website.

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Fr. Ripperger is one of the priests and he doesn’t hide his identity. SF is the best thing out there and they are not, not, not sedevacantists. Could you post the link to the sermon that used the phrase “the current occupant of the Seat of Peter?” I’ve never heard one of the SF priests say that. To my knowledge they are all either FSSP or ICKSP.

I’m not accusing him, I’m just being cautious.
Here is the link to the video: https://youtu.be/sGLMFisttuk

He mentions Pope Francis in the first few minutes

He’s by far my favorite priest there. I’ve listened to all 7 parts and I didn’t pick that out. I’ll listen later and see. But for sure he’s not sede…he’s FSSP.

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Thank goodness, I really love his sermons

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