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I’m discerning religious life and I visited the Dominican sisters but, I’m struggling with the whole teaching thing.
I want to visit some sisters who work in third world countries while still maintaining a solid prayer life. It seems that each community sacrifices either prayer or apostolate and there is no in between. I don’t mind the location, I just want to visit a community that will lead me where God needs me to be in the world.
Where would I be able to find out about different communities, it seems you must know exactly what you are looking for on Google.

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Have you considered the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur: sndden.org/en/home/? They seem to fulfill the criteria you’re looking for.

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Maybe the Norbertine Canonesses of the Bethlehem Priory of St. Joseph? (norbertinesisters.org/) I know they have a very rigid prayer schedule with Liturgy of the Hours and Novenas and such.

How about the Trinitarians of Mary? (trinitariansofmary.org/WEBSITE_ENGLISH/Home.html) Every time I see them they’re always praying. Their live is mostly composed of prayer.


This is a traditional contemplative/active missionary congregation.


You may contact them. I love them very much. They pray 7 hours a day, and pray in Latin. They have Tridentine Latin Mass once a week.

And they have 400 sisters in the world, all very young. This is a thriving traditional order.


Why not cloistered Dominican Nuns? There is a monastery with a good website and gets vocations: www.summitdominicans.org.


Thank you for all the help! I would just like to add a little bit of extra criteria, I guess. I love the idea of the habit so, I would hope to look into an order with the habit. Are there any missionary sisters who wear habits, aside from the Missionaries of Charity?

Thank you once again!


www.cmswr.org is a wonderful resource from the Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious. They have links to their member communities.
This site (as well as their print directory) was very instrumental in me finding my community, where I made my final vows less than two years ago.
If you are interested, I have started a blog for our community; it might be helpful to you: ourfranciscanfiat.wordpress.com . It is called Our Franciscan Fiat because we want to echo Mary’s Fiat (her ‘yes’) every day and this blog hopes to show some of the day-to-day aspects of our life as well as more general issues as well.
Take care and God bless you.

Sr. Christina, OSF


The Missionary Benedictine Sisters of Tutzing or just the Missionary Benedictine Sisters combine the Benedictine prayer life and the missionary apostolate and they wear habits. They have a priory in Norfolk, USA and priories and missions in different parts of the world including Africa and Asia.




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