Looking for orthodox RC churches in Omaha/Lincoln, NE


My husband was just given a great promotion at work! The bad news: it’s in Omaha/Lincoln, NE. We have both lived in MN for most of our lives, married here, had our kids here, etc. We are looking for a good, orthodox parish to join in Omaha or Lincoln. What we would ideally like is a parish that has daily Mass, confession often, perpetual adoration, and a grade school. The parish we are going to now has all of those things, but many in the St. Paul/Minneapolis Archdiocese do not. I am not sure what it’s like in Omaha or Lincoln.

Are there any Nebraskans(?) out there who can help me out? Also since we have 3 small kids, we’d love a church with lots of families!

Thanks and God Bless!!


Oh you are so lucky! What I would give to move home…

You will find very orthodox parishes and free Catholic schools in Lincoln. The bishop of Lincoln is very strict and has been noted many places for his Orthodoxy. I have not been a resident of Lincoln but some of my very good orthodox friends have expressed their wish to relocate their so as to have access to such a good Diocese.

In Omaha, the more active and youthful parishes are out west, but they are not usually the more Orthodox ones. When I lived there, a year and a half ago, we sometimes made jokes that if we wanted to get a lenient and incorrect answer as to matters of the faith, it would be best to pose it to a priest out west. This is of course not true of all west Omaha parishes but in my opinion is a fair generalization.

Whether you are in Omaha or Lincoln, most every parish has a school, regular confessions, daily Mass, etc. I was shocked when I moved to find that this isn’t the case throughout the country.

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about neighborhoods or specific parishes in Omaha. I lived there my whole life before moving to PA and now OH. If you could include basic info about where your husband will work and his desired commute time that would be helpful also.


Oh my gosh! Thank you so much, Ann! I feel much better about the move after reading that post.
I had heard that the bishop in Lincoln was supposed to be great, but this was all second hand info. I don’t know anyone who had actually lived in NE before. And thanks for the info on the parishes in Omaha, too! Have you ever heard of Christ the King in Omaha? The website looks good… but you never know for sure. We are looking for a, well, strict rather than lenient parish. We actually like to be challenged to live out the Faith as the Church teaches.
Anyway, thanks again!


One more thing-- by “free Catholic school” do you mean “without charge?” That sounds just way too good to be true… we were looking into Catholic kindergarden for our oldest, but couldn’t afford it in MN. Now that my husband has gotten this promotion, I was hoping it would be within our reach in NE.


Do you mind if I PM you?


Yes… You couldn’t be making a better move… the parishes totally support the schools, the area has the MOST seminarians, the bishop doesn’t allow for female altar servers… I think it is probably going to be a very happy move for you!!!


ALL Catholic Churches in the Lincoln area are quite orthodox. They are very serious about which church you attend, as well. If you reside within the confines of a certain church, you are expected to join and attend THAT church. No picking and choosing. Choose your residence well.

There is Catholic schooling for K-12 in Lincoln that does very well, here is a link to one of them.


You will find that most churches have more than one priest, only male altar servers, and at least 1 hour of confession time each Saturday, although the Cathedral has many on that day.

Most parishes are very family oriented and the city, as a whole, is excellent for raising families. Northeast and South Lincoln are my favorite areas, and housing is pretty affordable all around.

Feel free to PM me as I grew up there and visit often.


Thanks for the info! I had no idea that one would be obligated to attend Mass at one’s closest parish… this would have posed a problem for me in MN as we travel a few parishes away to attend Mass. But if all the churches are on the traditional side, great! So if we live in Omaha, would we be permitted to attend a Lincoln parish or not?


If you live in Omaha, it might be a pain to go down to Lincoln – between the time and the gas. I’m guessing there is a wider spectrum strictness to leniency in Omaha, but there are plenty of parishes. As cities Omaha and Lincoln seem to me as having different personalities, and probably a lot of that is due to their different histories.


That is so interesting…we feel the same thing about Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Could you be more specific about the differences between the two?


I called the parish for more information, and unfortunately both PreK and K are full with lengthy waiting lists! :frowning: Bummer because it looks like an AWESOME school! Monthly confession, daily Mass… super sweet!


This one is in Northeast Lincoln, older neighborhood, tight-knit, great Priest(s). I think Father Johnson is still there, he’s very friendly, too.


I wouldn’t be surprised if you’d find a waiting list here, too, if St. Peter’s had one. This was my parish growing up. The other elementary school is St. Teresa’s, also in Northeast Lincoln, in an even older neighborhood.


Northeast Lincoln would be great if you’re looking at commuting into Omaha. I wish I could help you with the Omaha parishes, but I can’t. I just know the Lincoln diocese are very orthodox, good about education, and family oriented.

I can’t stress enough that Lincoln is an excellent community for raising children. Omaha definitely has more of a big-city feel but also has a lot more big-city problems. (Not that Lincoln doesn’t have issues, either.) Lincoln is a university town with well planned neighborhoods, sidewalks everywhere, great bike paths, and a public swim pool in every neighborhood.


I am kind of leaning toward Lincoln as far as having a preference between Lincoln and Omaha, mostly because of what I’ve read about the two archdiocese. Don’t get me wrong, they both sound great! I just kind of like a smaller-town feel, and it seems like the bishop of Lincoln really has done a great job making sure all the churches in the diocese are orthodox. My husband however is convinced that Omaha is much nicer than Lincoln. He says that the homes in Omaha seem better and bigger for the money, and the diocese-difference doesn’t seem to matter to him much.
I really really want to hear exactly where his company is sending him, as they have several locations in that area.


While it has nothing to do with churches-
the Henry Dorely Zoo is fabulous, and there are always the Omaha Royals to go see.

We lived in Omaha for a few years. I attended St. Bernadette’s in Omaha, and many of my friends went on to attend Gross High School. stbernadetteparish.org/

My friend attended Cardinal Spellman, but I think the name changed to St. Matthew’s, I am not sure. EDIT: it did change to St. Matthews: stmatthewschurch.homestead.com/

There was a parish out in West O that my parents seemed to like… St. Stephen’s? But they were more Charismatic then (not that Charismatic= unOrthodox, it can, in fact be MORE orthodox)


Hey! I went to Gross High School! Some of my really good friends went to St. Bernadette too.

Sorry- I’m a thread hijacker. Now back to our regularly scheduled topic.


I went to Mass in Omaha a long time ago - probably 1990 - I was on a business trip - and the women all wore veils. I am pretty sure it was somewhere in the city - what parish would that have been? Maybe that’s an option…


You should check out the FSSP parishes in Nebraska!


We got an update the last night. Apparently Omaha is out, and my dh’s company is trying to decide between sending him to Lincoln, NE or sending him to another branch in the Twin Cities (where we currently live.) Now I am completely conflicted about this! I was just making peace with the idea of moving, and getting a little excited with everything that was posted about the Lincoln diocese. And if he is placed somewhere in the TC, it could be a lengthy commute. Well, I guess we just need to pray that God’s will for us be done! Hopefully we will know soon whether we are moving or not!

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