Looking for party Ideas for 2 sweet 16 parties!

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Ok, first sweet 16 party is actually in 3 weeks and sadly my cousin isn’t Catholic.:frowning: But she is a very strong Christian and the 2 of us are extremely close and will be the ones planning the party.!!
She lives in a large 2 story house and has a huge indoor pool in her backyard. We were thinking that the party should be held at her house because they just moved to the new area and she doesn’t know many people.
I thought about just decorating the backyard with like decorated lanterns and putting up other decorations around the pool in the backyard. Maybe get a volleyball net for the pool… and have her dad BBQ and set up a projector on the side of the house so that we could show a movie on the outside of the house and watch movies all night while listening to music and just have fun swimming and hanging out… But that is about all I have… I would really love some other suggestions! (It can’t be anything real pricey because they just spent alot of money buying there new house)

2nd Sweet 16 is mine!!! I am a very strong Charismatic Roman Catholic if anyones Ideas have anything to do with spiritual movements.
My mom said that me and some friends might be able to rent a hotel room or something but the majority of my friends are guys… so I would need something to do with the guys too. I don’t like dances for the most part… And I am so lost when it comes to what to do at my own party. I live in a small crammed house with several other people (family) and we will be saving money in the next few months so we can do something.

Any Ideas would be extremely appreciated!!!:smiley:

Kareokie (I know that is spelled wrong :o ) would be fun with the pool party.

For your own party, have you checked about renting your Parish hall or the K of C hall? Mini Golf, renting a cabin or pavillion at a local state park?

Is a big party important? Maybe something small, dinner with your family and a couple of your best friends at a fine restaurant with maybe tickets to the theatre or ballet?

A decoration that looks really nice is having helium balloons tied to a weight and scattered throughout the pool at different heights. If the party is at night, you can tie different color kylum lights (glow sticks) to the string in the pool and this will light up the water in really cool ways.

For you … a sweet 16 is all about being grown up. Originally it was about introducing a girl into society. In my opinion you should try for this to be an upscale and more mature formal event.

Here are a few options:

  1. Invite a group of friends to a live theatre performance. That way you can all get dressed up, without having to do the dance thing.
  2. Host an International Dinner. Again, a formal event where everyone is dressed up. You provide the venue and the decorations and place settings. I agree that perhaps your church hall would be an inexpensive alternative. Then each guest (or couple) is invited to bring one international dish or drink:
    a) French Hors d’ouvres
    b) Greek Salad
    c) Italian Calamare
    d) Chinese Won Ton Soup
    e) Japanese Sushi
    f) American BBQ Chicken
    g) Spanish Paella
    h) Assorted Deserts from around the world
  3. For something fun & non-traditional you could rent a limosine and have everyone get formally dressed and then go to the local Planetarium for a evening light show followed by icecream.
  4. Of course it is appropriate to celebrate any event with a special Mass dedicated just for you. Please ask to be remembered in the Mass intentions, and then you can invite family and friends to attend the Mass to pray for you.

I’m really not happy with the idea of renting a hotel room. Kids might want to bring alcohol. And if they get too loud the people in the room next door could complain. Also, you would be responsible if any of the kids got too wild and broke a lamp or stained the furniture, etc…

Happy Birthday!:dancing:

Try searching for CLEAN PARTY GAMES on Google.

For yours- Borrow from hispanic culture and have a Mass celebrated. Then, have a party at home.

Often old people would love to have even the brief companionship of the energy and optimism of the young to be around !

if there are any senior citizen places around ( nursing /assited living places) they might allow an evening of prayer and entertainment , the friends all getting a chance to sharpen their talents too !

Could give miraculous medals to all and one person could explain all about it , how it can be be a life saving gift ( to add some more interest, can have some stories of shark attacks and such and what could have been avoided !)

The guests ( the elderly) can be asked to do their share of prayers and intercession forall those who were given the medals .

Wish you a blessed birthday with many returns !

Could you have it in the parish hall, your party?

We had my eldest’s at a teen club, with music but no booze or other trappings, and chaperonage.

Sometimes keeping it simple can be just as fun. I think there is too much pressure to make birthdays extravagant! We had a New Year’s party for my daughter(she is 16) and aside from some decorations at Party City and snacks, we did no elaborate planning. She and a couple of her friends planned charades, they had their iPods, and that was it! She had boys and girls and we let her have three of her close friends spend the night, and the next day they went to mass together. The next day they all commented Facebook on how much fun they had.
Now I understand you said that your home is rather cramped, so what about your parish hall? You could have games, an iPod, and simple snacks set up. You could even make it special by asking that people dress up. Not prom fancy, but maybe homecoming dressy? Or you could do a Casino night(as long as no one is offended) and get cheap prizes from the dollar store for people to cash in their winnings.
Another option, if it is not too costly, is to dress up and go out to dinner.
Hope that helps! Above all, have a Happy and Blessed Birthday!

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