Looking for Pius XI document

Does anyone know where I can find the copy of the Bull that Pius XI issued making St. Therese co-patronness of missions with St. Francis Xavier? It was issued, if memory serves, in December 14, 1927.


Try this.

Incidentally, I’m not looking for the Bull of St. Therese’s canonization.

Hmmm…I think you are actually looking for Pope Pius XII’s encyclical Fidei Donum promulgated on April 21, 1957. This is where St. Therese and St. Francis Xavier are made the patrons of missions. You can find it here: stjosephplacentia.org/encyclicals/pius12/p12fidei.htm

Deacon Ed

Actually, no because it was in the 12/14/1927 document that Pius XI calls Therese the “star” of his pontificate. And he does this in context of naming her co-patroness of missions.

The closest I can find would be his encyclical Rerum Ecclesiae which does deal with the missions. It was issued on 2/8/1926 and doesn’t mention St. Terese at all! The collection of papal writings does not indicate anything in 1927 for Pius XI.

Deacon Ed

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