Looking for quote by Bishop Sheen regarding those living apart from the world being more interested in the world, not less


I ran across something on the internet, a couple of days ago, and have not been able to find it again.

It was a quote by Bishop Sheen regarding the truth that those consecrated to living apart from the world are more interested in the world, not less. And he talked about prayer. It was very moving and beautiful.

I am sorry, I do not remember if it was a quote from one of his books, nor do I remember what period of his life the quote was from.

If someone knows this quote and its source, I'd very much appreciate being able to read the original.

Thanks very much! :)


If you are having a difficult time finding it I would wonder if it was a real quote or one of those false quotes that one finds floating around the internet.

Be careful to believe what you read online. All sorts of quotes are attributed to all kinds of people and often they do not originate where the 'internet' claims.


I found this if it's any help to you.



Nicky, yes, so true. Checking references and looking at the original sources is vital, I agree.

Darran, thanks very much for that link. It isn’t the same quote, but is a very lovely one, indeed. I appreciate your taking the time to post that. :slight_smile:

If I do find the one I saw recently, I’ll post a link.


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