Looking for radio station

I live near easton PA USA, and I commute to central new jersey. Near Bridgewater, NJ.
Does anyone know of a wholesome radio station in any of these areas. AM/FM only. I don’t have satellite radio or anything like that.

You might try these EWTN radio stations (all AM):

  • Trenton NJ – 1260

  • Doylestown PA – 1570

  • Scranton PA – 750

Their signals are rather weak, however.

I live in southeast PA, and when I can’t get the nearest EWTN station, I listen to Family Radio, broadcast on FM 106.9. They play traditional and “easy listening” Christian music most of the time, which I enjoy. However, I have occasionally heard the founder of Family Radio make anti-Catholic statements during his nightly “Bible class” (aired between 7 and 7:30 pm). I now avoid that program.


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