Looking for Recommendation: Chants


I’m interested in getting some monastic chants (Gregorian, etc.) and was wondering if anyone could recommend something good. I’ve never bought music like that before so I am clueless as to what is out there.


Hilliard Ensemble, Tallis Scholars, Hildegard of Bingen, Anonymous Four. Hard to go wrong there…
Search chants online. Lots of try before you buy out there.

If u like Medieval Music try La Nef. Especially ‘le Quette du Graal’ (msp? - The Quest for the Grail.)

Here is a great one for Gregorian chant:


It is also available on iTunes.

Another recommendation is the Sacred Treasure series, it is a great collection of Russian chant which is also very good.

Thanks for the replies and suggestions. They give me a good place to start.

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