Looking For Retreat


I’m looking for a retreat where I could go to a Monastery/Convent where I could stay for a few days and participate in prayers/Mass/etc. Does anyone know where I could find one?
I am a 15 year old from Rhode Island. Am I too young to go on one?


Male or female? If female…

Visitation of Tyringham, MA,


Our Visitation clearinghouse site: cloisters.tripod.com/us_vhm_first_fed/

If male, the Trappist monks.



I’m a guy, I thought I had mentioned that but I must’ve forgotten:p
How should I contact the Trappists?
Also, there are Dominicans close by, but I’m unsure if they do retreats or anything like that.


Look on your diocesan website and see who’s local first.

Just Google the Trappists and see who’s closest. Then email the Guest Master.

I’m sure the Doms would be happy to hear from you, too.



A Catholic friend of mine regularly attends retreats at the LaSalette Shrine, which isn’t too far from you, in Attleboro, MA. The website is pretty impressive - they seem to offer programs for all ages, as well as spiritual direction. Perhaps another CAF member has direct experience with them?


Portsmouth Abbey is in Rhode Island. It is a Benedictine Abbey that is part of the English Congregation



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