looking for safe Torrent sites for bible downloads

what Torrent sites have you used with no problems?

To be honest, I would just use online Bibles. Everything except… well, for mainstream translations, the RV, ASV, DRV, and KJV are going to be copyrighted due to not being old enough.

RSV-CE Online

Honestly, have had some problem with every Torrent site I visited. I recommend booksshouldbefree.com

umm illegal downloads?

No, the copywrite is expired on the Bible, and it is in the public domain, as are the Early Fathers.

Frankly, I am looking for legal stuff

What, specifically, are you looking for?

Between them, Archive.org and Google Books offer three million free books. Throw in the other sites that offer free books, and you probably will hit five million books.

There are two or three forums for readers of ebooks that are not affiliated with a specific ebook reader, or program to read ebooks. Those sites usually can point to places where one can legally download books currently in print.


Audio bible, or ebook?

Be careful of what you download on this site, but this torrent is legit. It contains a lot of different ones (AMP ASV BBE DARBY DRB KJ21 KJV KJVSP NAB NASB NIV NKJV NLT WBST WEB YLT)
They are in .rtf format, so you can open it in a word processor.:thumbsup:

Avoid those sites, period…
…I think this may be what you are looking for.
…It’s free and includes Sacred Tradition.
…Via the Holy See.


hello Big Dummy, the Amazon Kindle store has an assortment of Bibles, some are free, some are inexpensive ($1 or less).

You don’t need a Kindle to get them. There free Kindle apps for PC, Mac, iPhone and Android.


Also go to Google books and search. The have many you can download for free in .pdf format

AMP, KJ21, NAB, NASB, NIV, NKJV, and NLT are all under copyright.

That torrent is not from Zondervan. How can it be described as legit?


If you can tolerate a Protestant bible, a friend told me about eSword.


I have a number of wonderful electronic commentaries that are part of the add ons to this searchable bible. There is a lot of anti-Catholic material in them, though. If you wish, as I do, to study heresies and the source of anti-Catholic thought, there is some good material there. The bible versions are all in the public domain, though missing the deuterocanicals. A Catholic source that was posted above might be better. BTW Pythons thanks for that Clerus. I will spend some time with it. :thumbsup:

[quote=guanophore;] If you can tolerate a Protestant bible,

:confused: Did you notice my religious affiliation?

The bible versions are all in the public domain, though missing the deuterocanicals.

Which Bibles are you claiming are in the public domain?

Do I need to spell out who owns the copyright for ]AMP, KJ21, NAB, NASB, NIV, NKJV, and NLT?

Or did you mean that eSword only offers Bibles in the public domain?
RSV-CE is one Bible available for e-Sword that is under copyright, and has the blessing of a priest.


No, sorry, I was responding to the OP.

The ones that come in the esword link I posted, intended for the OP.

I dunno. How do you determine the presence of such a need?

If one wants the copywrited versions, they will have to pay for them as add ons. Only versions in the public domain are in the free download.

Assuming you want an ebook; gutenberg.org/wiki/Main_Page is great. But they’ll only have translations that the copyright has expired on like the KJV, ASV, DR, and so on. They also have a few audio Bibles available if thats what you’re looking for. Also if you have a kindle Amazon has quite a few free Bibles available for modern translations like the HCSB, and of course all of the older translations.

As a side note: keep in mind that if you’re in the UK the KJV has a perpetual Crown copyright so you’ll have to pay for it no matter what.

Also I would avoid The Pirate Bay as often times the adds that are on the sides and top of the page are X-rated.

There are Bibles for e-Sword that are under copyright, and are distributed free, whose distribution is legit.


Great! Then the OP will not need to be concerned about violations. :wink:

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