Looking for some books / articles


Is there any books / internet articles out there for couples who are already together before one of them wants to become Catholic and explains about stopping having sex until marriage from a male perspective.

Thanks any suggestions would be great.


I've heard great things about "f You Really Loved Me" by Jason Evert, it is from a male perspective.

This has a list of books, there are short descriptions of them so you may be able to find ones that suit you best:

There's also this book, called A Case For Chastity:


Thanks PerfectTiming :)


Well, it's not written exactly the way you mentioned, but Good News About Sex and Marriage by Christopher West is a great book written in Q&A format that explains the Church's teaching on sexuality. It's based on JPII's Theology of the Body talks, and it makes everything pretty easy to explain. It is written by a man (obviously) and he talks about how he used to be vs. how it is after learning accurate teaching on sexuality.

I loved the book.....now if I can just get DH to read it.... :rolleyes: :(

Best wishes! :crossrc:


Thanks Belle , I'll take a look at the book . I'm about 95 % sure that he is either going to skim the books I get or not read at all but at this point I'm willing to try anything !


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