Looking for Some "Cyber Clergy" ;-)

Before anyone jumps down my throat because of cyber-clergy, the idea has already been cleared by a bishop and local priests. It is nothing “strange or heretical.” Just some friendly Catholic role-playing for fun. We don’t actually claim to have been validly ordained etc. . .

Basically, there is a group of us on a website called www.nationstates.net who are “cyber-clergy,” All that meaning that we go around and act as the moral/Catholic thermometer of the game. We are looking for some new members, especially people who like apologetics. We’ve had some nuts posting messages about Pope Benedict being a Nazi, John Paul II being a secret member of the Jewish faith, Jesus being a raptor etc. . .

If you want to help us evangelize/use apologetics in a worthwhile manner, go to that site. It’s a really fun game. I’m sure you’ll like it. If you decide to come, look up the region called “Refined Catholic States.” That’s where I personally reside.

Hoping to see you soon. :thumbsup:

Forgot to mention - we actually had a couple real vocations come out of our little group. So far, we have had, I believe, a deacon and priest, both in the U.S.

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