Looking for some help with my website


Hello all!

About six months ago I created a website to share the Catholic faith, to teach it to non-Catholics/non-Christians and to hopefully help those already Catholics be inspired to share it.

The address is www.stpio-soe.org and I have forums that I created for it as well (Tell your friends and invite Protestants, too!).

Anyways, I’m looking for conversion stories again. I only have about 4 or so. The reason being is that it’s easier for someone on the journey to be strengthened to see someone who made the journey to the Church and how they got through it.

Also, if anyone would like to help me create tracts as part of the Resources section, which is non-functioning right now, I would greatly appreciate it.

Please give your comments here about the site, what you think could be done to improve it and further its message to others. The section on the Saints is non-functioning and I have their names as placeholders for the time being. But I have a ton of Early Church Father’s quotes, a guide on “How to be Saved” from the Catholic position, which is the true position:D .

Thanks for your support and comments!

Al-Masih Qam!


I’m bumping this because I found it odd that 33 people viewed it, yet could not leave a comment…:frowning:

Please let me know what you think of it thus far.


Al-Masih Qam!


I looked at your site a few weeks ago, but didn’t see this post until tonight. I think it is a great site. There are many more things there now then there were a few weeks ago. I like that you have included Catholicism as a whole, with the eastern and western traditions etc.

I look forward to reading more of it.


I found the rotating banner ad at the top of each forum page annoying and one was rather offensive for a forum discussing religion.

The site as a whole looked good and was informative. Getting a forum going can be tough, but hang in there.

Hope it works out for you.


There is a website that helps you create tracts found here:


Also, the background was very dark. I see this on a lot of websites. It needs a lighter background to be easier on the eyes. Besides, it’s much more cheerful with a lighter background :slight_smile:

Now, I didn’t see a “resources” section. Maybe I’m just dumb. But, my monitor has issues and the lighting can’t be adjusted any more than it is already. I’m a novice website builder and would help you on this.

Why, I don’t know, as I’m a non-Catholic. But, I felt compelled by God to offer.




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