Looking for someone knowledgeable about the bible for WhatsApp bible study!

Their is a woman’s WhatsApp bible study it’s on every night at 8pm (U.K. time) there was once 2 ladys on it helping interpret scripture one of the ladies is the wife of a catholic deacon and the other one can hardly make it on anymore if anyone is willing to help please feel free to pm me it has to be a woman tho if any man is interested in helping interpret they’re also a men’s bible study on at the same time on a separate WhatsApp group

Whatsapp? The texting messaging thing? How do you do Bide study on that?


Well the thing is shouldn’t you be looking for someone with knowlege of the Catholic Church’s interpretation instead of personal interpretation?

There’s different ways to study the bible also (at least in protestantism)

There’s a WhatsApp group at least 100 participants it’s on every night at 8 pm where we read parts of scripture then there’s 2 woman who are very knowledgeable help interpret one of the woman is married to a catholic deacon so she knows a lot and the other woman can hardly make it on but everyone is entitled to there own opinion they can say what they think the scripture means and what they got from it

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