Looking for specific children's mass book


So, I was surfing the web and was on a site that had some advertisements for books. One was a children's book explaining the Mass. I think it's a fairly new title and now I can't find it anywhere! I liked this book because it divided the Mass into it's various parts and used a Bible story to explain it. Example: for the intercessory prayers she (I think the author was female) used the story of the paralytic who was lowered through the roof by his friends. I would like to get this for my nephew who is preparing for his First Communion. Any help would be great! Thanks in advance.



Down the page they have the section: "Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought" which you can stroll through.


I really like the The Order of the Mass for children ; Saint Joseph Picture Books Series. You can find it at most Catholic bookstores for $1.50 or online. It's really great for the little guys because they can follow the Mass through the pictures and the text.


More specific search of titles here:



Thanks, but I had checked Amazon and none of those titles are it. This had a picture of Jesus at the last supper on the cover. The book I am looking for is for older children and is more in depth. Anyone else?


Is it *Jesus Speaks to Me About The Mass *by Angela M. Burris?


YEEEAAAH!!! So happy! Thank you, that is it!:D:D:D:D




The night before I had been reading about that book in this Lent missalette I have because I was considering it for my niece/godchild - and then you asked about it here. Kind of odd! Let me know what you think. I was thinking my niece is a little old for it (11 and in 6th grade) but she needs instruction badly.


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