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I’m looking for studies that point to the truth of Catholic sexual moral teachings on the following issues: Contraception, Abortion, Homosexual acts, Marriage (as defined by the Church).

Specifically: I’ve seen them quoted in articles before, but I cannot find the articles again, I’m looking for the statistics of the predictions in Humanae Vitae: What were the statistics of the said sin at the time of Humanae Vitae and what is it today. I know something like “objectification of women” is not able to be studied so easily, but maybe the rate of pornography use among men…

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The Vindication of Humanae Vitae by Mary Eberstadt probably has a lot of what you are looking for. I believe she has book-length treatments of the same topics, though I’ve not read them. I imagine a quick Amazon search would get you results, if you want that level of depth.


Speaking of Mary Eberstadt, she did write a book on the subject: Adam and Eve After the Pill. I read it a while ago but I think it also has information to add to the article posted above. Not sure if she had a lot of statistics in it though but the book is probably something you’d want to look at.


This isn’t really an answer to your question because it really has nothing to do with the truth of the teachings. This recent worldwide survey of Catholics judged ACCEPTANCE of teachings. Not all the questions related to moral teachings (e.g. married priests) but the results are interesting. Acceptance (>50%) on some issues, rejection on others (e.g. contraception). Very stark regional differences.

Again, this is only a survey of acceptance. Surveys cannot prove truth, of course.


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