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I am looking for some suggested reading material for Lent. I am looking for things to help me keep Hope in life when dealing with things like our culture of death, the liberal media, and being in conversations with friends and family that do not practise their faith. It can be very discouraging. And I want to keep a peaceful heart. I want to be able to say “forgive them father for they know not what they do”…rather than get angry.

So I’m looking for books that will be inspiring and helpful in teaching me to be “slow to anger”. And hopeful rather than being judgemental. I know that this is Gods battle. Not mine.



You could try:
Triumph: The Power and the Glory of the Catholic Church by H. W. Crocker II

It is a history of the Church. It is good to know the Church has been through and survived worse times.


Here’s my favorite Lenten reading. Actually my favorite reading for every day of the year.



I LOVE those books! My parents have them, I borrow them sometimes.

**Thanks to both you and Mike :slight_smile: **

I’m wondering if there is a Saint that focuses on this attitude. Or that his/her life is particularly an example of the attitude of Hope and forgiveness.


You can try this book “Abandonment to the Divine Providence”.


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