Looking for the Augsburg 1540 altered version

Hello, wondering if anyone can help me, I’m wanting to read the full text of the Augsburg 1540 variata which Calvin signed but can’t seem to find it online, Anyone know where to find the full text for free?

Also would be interested to know if any other reformed leaders signed it


Still looking for the text online, but here are a couple of resources you might value.




Thanks for the links,. Interesting to read Reformed Christians were included in the peace of Augsburg, Reading about it, it sounds like the variata is the nearest we came to a universal protestant statement of faith

The problem is it took a verbal perversion of the truth of the real presence to almost get that statement. It is precisely why Lutherans use the UAC. As good as Melanchthon’s statement regarding the Lord’s Supper is in the Apology, that’s how bad the Variata was.


I actually quite like Melancthon’s later wording - but then I am Presbyterian so no surprise there :stuck_out_tongue:

:p. And I like the Apology, and we just put the Reformed - Lutheran debate over the RP in a nutshell. :smiley:


Some Lutherans view the “altered” version of Augustana as a missed opportunity for Christian unity and feel that Martin Luther and other reformers should have worked harder to bring Calvin into the fold. There is a book entitled the “The Real Presence” written by Berthold von Schenk, a LCMS pastor back in the 1940’s, that devotes some attention to this subject.

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