Looking for the name of a book

Either on Catholic Answers or Relevant Radio or ? I heard about this book about myths that are still taught in school even though they’ve been proven wrong.

Something like “10 Falsehoods Still Taught in School” or “12 Myths Still Taught in School”.

I think one of them was about the moths on trees during the industrial revolution and how they had evolved to where they weren’t white but where gray because it blended in better with the soot on the trees. Turns out the moth was planted there and colored. Something like that.


Do you mean moss on trees or moths?

Is the whole book about evolution? Based on what you have suggested my google-fu says it may be this book,


At least that talks about the moths being myths and other things taught in school about evolution.

something on Industrial melanism? I vaguely remember that from like, middle school? Can’t remember it being taught though, unless it was to show how a hypothesis can be proven false?

KostyaJMJ - That may be it. I found that on google as well.

I THOUGHT it was a book that wasn’t just about evolution, but maybe my brain muddled the facts.

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