Looking for thread: When is it too much?


I’m a long time lurker. I had been following a thread before CA forums went off-line. I had been praying about it and am wondering if there had been a conclusion, hopefully a good one.

Unfortunatly I can not remember completely the Title of the thread or the username of the OP. But this is what I remember.

The thread title was similar to: ‘When is it too much?’

the discussion was about the unfortunate circumstance of the poster’s sister and the sister’s children. They were in a custody dispute with the father of the children whom had been emotionally abusive. The father is married to a lady with other children and running a daycare out of their home.

The last few posts were about how the children in the dispute had been assigned their own attorney to look out for their well-being and there had been a court date right before CA forums was disrupted.

In anycase I pray that everything resolves well.


Remember, if it your thread was started after April, it’s GONE!!! The lovely hackers destroyed it.


Ah, it was hackers. I thought it had been an upgrade of some sort and a blip or bug had deleted the posts after April.

I was just hoping that the original poster might update us or if anyone had seen her post somewhere lately so I could ask her how it was resolved.


The users name was nana3. The title of the thread was “When is it too much”. I am interested in hearing the outcome of the situation since I have been following the story and praying for the family.:slight_smile:


Hopefully, nana3 will get word they are back. As for the hackers (Jimmy Akin left a message as to the “why”), I hope they do not come back unless and until they go to confession.:thumbsup:


Hi everyone, it is nice to hear that some were wondering what happened. I will give an update on a new threat named the same, “when is it too much” for all interested and praying. Thanks so much for caring.


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