Looking for titles of books about Jews being saved by Vatican during ww2

Whenever the myth about Hitler’s Pope comes up on Catholic answers radio show, Patrick coffins gives out 2 books that deal with this topic and I can’t seem to recall them. I want to get them but can’t find any titles that ring a bell anywhere on Amazon.

I remember one of them being written by a Jewish rabbi.

Does anyone know the books I am referring to?

You might find one or both of these books cited by Jimmy Akin in this tract.

I don’t know if these are the same books recommended on Catholic Answers, but here are two that might be helpful:



There is an excellent book called Courage and Conviction. It is recently published.


Thanks to everyone who has posted above.
Great links, and books.

EWTN has a great two part movie on this, Pope Pius XII, Under the Roman Sky. It is very good.

You can find more at this link.



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