Looking for ways to "be fruitful and multiply"


Okay, so most of you know that we are almost entirely infertile. Without a miracle, pregnancy ain’t happening. :stuck_out_tongue: Secondly, most of you know that we’ve struggled with being able to adopt successfully. We’ve had two failed adoptions so far and now lack emotional strength and finances to continue for possibly years to come (due to my recent battle with health issues most of our financial resources are used up…and there is plenty more medical needs for my future.:() Lastly, most of you know that I have chronic physical and mental health issues that keep me from working outside the home and seriously limit my ability to volunteer outside the home. Praying for long periods of time is very difficult due to my mental health issues.

Pope John Paul II suggests that Infertile Couples look for other ways to be fruitful in their marriage.

So considering we aren’t going to be having biological children, and for quite some time we won’t have adopted children. Considering my other issues. What could God be calling me to do? How can I be fruitful for Him being incapable of doing most things necessary to bear fruit? :o

  1. My first thought is that you might want to read about St. Therese and her "little way.“
    "Therese’s “little way” of trusting in Jesus to make her holy and relying on small daily sacrifices instead of great deeds appealed to the thousands of Catholics and others who were trying to find holiness in ordinary lives.”

" *“What matters in life,” she wrote, “is not great deeds, but great love.” She lived and taught a spirituality of attending to everyone and everything well and with love. She believed that just as a child becomes enamored with what is before her, we should also have a childlike focus and totally attentive love. Therese’s spirituality is of doing the ordinary, with extraordinary love. *

Therese saw the seasons as reflecting the seasons of God’s love affair with us. She loved flowers and saw herself as the “little flower of Jesus,” who gave glory to God by just being her beautiful little self among all the other flowers in God’s garden. Because of this beautiful analogy, the title “little flower” remained with St. Therese. "

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  1. My next thought is that you could become familiar with the opportunities to participate in your parish that would mesh with your capabilities. Look for things that require a one-time effort rather than the on-going volunteerism that is difficult for you. For example, maybe you could help decorate the parish hall for the parish Christmas party or the next spaghetti dinner. Or maybe you could bake a couple of casseroles for funeral dinners. Check your bulletin or ask the parish office for ideas. Every parish needs more volunteers, and I’m sure they can suggest something that works for you.

  1. Foster Parent ?

  2. Big Brothers/ big Sisters ?

  3. Gabriel Angel / Project Gabriel

  4. Check with Parish/Diocese for any 'Adopt a Family' or crisis-pregnancy programs . . .


NAMI, check it out. There is lots to do there. Having a family doesn't necessarily mean children. If you don't like that organization, try another. This one however, I have seen do some cool things in our community.


Oh, and I just thought of another thing. These guys have just started an initiative for emotional limitations in addition to their work in physical limitations.



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