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I am beginning another translation of the Glossa Ordinaria and I want as many people as possible to give me their opinion on what book the Bible from the Glossa that they would like to have translated most. The Glossa Ordinaria was the standard Bible commentary of the Middle Ages and the one that St. Thomas Aquinas used. It was the great Catholic Study Bible that is loaded with excellent quotes from the Church Fathers. We have finished 1-3 epistles of John and it will be published very soon. We are considering something much larger such as one of the Gospels or Revelation. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Romans, Galatians, and Ephesians: the three epistles of St. Paul which Calvinists and other Protestants most rely on for sola fide and the like.

Or Exodus, Deuteronomy, and Leviticus: three books with laws that baffle and trouble modern readers.

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My vote goes to the Gospels. To me Jesus’ words, ministry and interactions with the people and culture of his times has to come first. People need to have what Jesus said and did as the primary example of how to live their lives in Christ. And, the Gospels give us the proper context for Acts, and the Epistles and Revelation that came after his life on earth.

Perhaps you should set up a poll for those who don’t want to post but want to have their vote counted. :slight_smile:


I can understand why this appeals to us who do apologetics, but the question then needs to be asked: is apologetics the main goal for doing the translations?

So, what is your intention for doing the translations, COPLAND 3? If you sort that out, then you will know which books you should translate first. :wink:

Thanks so far for the replies! Fortunately Romans has already been translated. Only Romans, Song of Songs, Lamentations, and Ruth have been translated and published. As mentioned above 1-3 epistles of John are soon to be!

A poll sounds good!

As for me personally I am so passionate for this project because I truly feel that the Glossa Ordinaria needs to be available for us because it played a huge part in the Church in the Middle Ages, great theologians such as Aquinas and the other Scholastics depended so much on the Gloss. It was held with such honor and authority that it needs to be resurrected and back in the hands of Catholics. It amazes me that such a treasure has not been translated into English. What Catholic shouldn’t want the preferred Study Bible of St. Thomas Aquinas!

As for what purpose should it serve, whatever the demand is. It can be used as a commentary, study Bible, apologetics, for clergy and laypeople.


Chapter seven has always puzzled me.

I would love to hear some original ideas about it.


Thank You for the link to the thrilling Orthodox proclamation of the resurrection.

It’s a bit early–a week and a half for us both, this year–but… you’re welcome. :slight_smile:

I’m currently reading the Angelic Doctor’s Commentary on the Psalms which is fascinating and which makes extensive use of the Gloss. Since we use the Psalms so much and their spiritual meaning is sometimes hard to discern perhaps having the Gloss to help us would be a good thing.

I second this. Most people who pray the LOTH probably have little to no background in the Psalms, so many of it’s references and typologies are lost on them. It would be a great help for them to have reliable commentaries to reference. :yup:

Psalms will be one down the road, one reason is because it will take so much time, since its just one translator (she is awesome by the way), and me as the editor, and two is that Psalms has tons of Patristic commentators and the Gloss would not offer anything new for that book. The Gloss quotes Cassiodorus and Augustine a lot in the Psalms. My dream is to see all the Gloss translated in my lifetime, and if someone else doesn’t translate it then I will probably eventually take on that project and get it translated.

As for Romans, it has already been translated fortunately. I have that volume and its excellent! amazon.com/Glossa-Ordinaria-Romans-Teams-Commentary/dp/1580441092

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