Looking to get new MP3 player: Apple iPod or Creative Zen Vision:M?

I was wondering if any of y’all had any advice on which of these were better. I have done a lot of research, as my mean;) husband will only buy me one of these. I am a runner so I will mainly be using it for music. I will be converting my huge cd collection to MP3 format as well as new stuff. To a lesser extent I want to be able to download tv shows and stuff from websites, for example practising gettin’ my latin on or watching a Futurama episode but more than likely not movies. I am also a computer MORON. It must be easy most user-friendly. For these reasons I lean toward the Zen. Also, I have a Dell. Oh, and I really like how the M has 2x the battery life and the FM reciever.
However, I like how the iPod can upgrade and how the iStores are all-inclusive and one stop for your media wants. I do not like how iPods are hardly compatible with non-apple formats and require third party software to transfer stuff. Then again, most people have iPods so I could have better access to information and advice through them since manuals seem a jumble of foreign language to me.
So, any advice? Anyone know which sounds best for me? Any good/bad experiences with either?
Sorry for the grammer. I am pecking with a baby on one hip.

Zen! I own a 30 Gig Vision:M myself, but will try to give Apple a fair hearing! :stuck_out_tongue:

Apple iPods don’t let you use the file format (although you do say that you will be converting to MP3). Also, I would recommend Napster (now fully legal) over iTunes. With iTunes you pay £0.79 per track here in the U.K. (not sure about the U.S. or elsewhere), while on Napster it costs about £9.95 ($9.95 U.S., no exchange difference) for unlimited track downloads, however if you want to put those on your MP3 player it costs £14.95 (again, the same in US$ at $14.95). I used to use iTunes before I bought my Zen but have no regrets in switching to Napster as I download so much music so as to make a Napster subscription better financial sense. However, if you will be mostly using MP3s from CDs you already own and not downloading so much then iTunes may be better for you.

The FM receiver on the Zen is a bonus, although I would add as a caveat that it uses the headphone lead as an antenna so it sometimes needs to have quite a bit of the lead open to the air to get a good signal. This might only apply if you are indoors though - for example it is not so good when I am working in the warehouse, but is fine when I am on the bus on the way home.

And I have also found that the battery life is really quite impressive!

Hope this helps a little!


oh definitly go zen! i have one my brother has one and my older brother is getting one. ive had mine go through the washer and dryer like 8 times and it stilll works (i dont reccomend it) but regurdless!did you know that creative actually patented that format first and they are now involved in a big lawsuit with apple.

any way ive had 3 mp3 players so far. all of them creative. didnt buy a new one because it broke llike i hear so many times with ipod. but only for more space, but you could just buy like a big zen and have just as much space. also recgable battery! ipod does not have that. well i hope you choose creative. but if not cool too.

The only big hang-up with me on this is how much iPod has avaliable in retail stores. Like I said, I am technologically stupid and I figured that even though iPod is less user friendly, I could maybe get help from someone since this is most peoples’ player.
I really like how the Zen wears well. I just spoke with a friend who has a pod, but even he was lamenting how often it broke. He can afford to replace his iPods, being a single guy. I won’t have that luxury.
Sounds like the Zen may be the way to go. Will I be able to download the CA radio programs on it?

I guess I’m the odd one out, cause I would definitely recommend the Ipod. I’m not the most technologically smart person, but I find it easy to use, even while I’m running. I like having different playlist I can choose from, or even podcast while I’m running.I have both an Apple (for work) and a Dell (for home) computer and have had no problem using Ipod on both of them or even transferring music, videos, etc., back and forth. The software is free (either from the site or comes with your Ipod) and is easy to download and use. I find it more intiutive than other MP3 players.
Also, cause you mentioned you were a runner, look at all the new stuff Nike has come out with that compliments the Ipod. I picked up the sensor and Ipod attachment, now I can digitally keep track of all my runs, set up goals while I’m running like how far, fast, calories burned, etc. I also love having immediate feedback while I’m running. I just push the center button and I’ll immediately have my pace, distance, and calories burned.
Admittily you can always do this with other devices, but I like having it all in one device.


I love my iPod. I think its really easy to use and now they have a huge selection of movies, music, books, and videos available.

I actually decided to buy a pink KitchenAid 12 cup food processor I have had my eyes on for a while. This will buy me some time to think about which model I want. We went to Best Buy to look yet again at the two, and I was stressed. “I don’t know! Like, maybe I just need a Nano or something! But no wait, I want a video screen! But wait- no, uh, which comes in pink? Both? No!” I could see Mike holding back the urge to roll his eyes. So now I have a couple months of time to better decide. Until then, please keep the advice coming!

I wouldn’t be too worried about the iPod being ‘the people’s player’; that would only be an issue if your MP3 player broke or had a problem. Which generally happens with iPods but not Creative Zens! :smiley:

I’ve had my Zen a few months and it seems pretty durable.

And I download CA radio myself to listen to at work! Works fine!

I love my ipod and wouldn’t trade it for anything! I’m surprised to see people complaining about ipods breaking. I’ve had my first one for a year and a half and it still works fine. I’ve had my second one (need more space!) for a few months and it works great too. I know plenty of people who have had theirs for years with no problems.

I think ipods are incredibly easy to use. Download the program, install it, and plug in your ipod. Everything is automatically added to it. Insert a CD, click a button and all songs are copied to your computer. Really easy.

One other thing to think about is DRM (Digital Rights Management). That is the thing that means songs will only play on certain players and on certain numbers of players and computers. I felt like apple had the most fair set of DRM. you can put songs you buy from them on up to five different devices, computers, ipods, etc. You can burn the exact same playlist to CD 7 times, but songs can be burned an unlimited amount of times. Apple allows you to do the most stuff out of anyone I found.

Also, if you want to read reviews of stuff, cnet.com has lots of good stuff.

A gigabyte holds an astonishing volume of MP3 music. If you get a player with a MicroSD slot, you can expand it even more or swap libraries very easily. My Sansa e250 with just 4 gig memory has about 30 CDs in the library and is only at about 20% capacity. (*A 1 gig MicroSD memory card can be had for under $20 and four of them would fit on a postage stamp. Amazing! *)

I suggest you shop for the unit size and control convenience best for running. You’ll enjoy the lighter 4 or 8 Gig player more than a bulkier 30 gig unit with a bigger vid screen you don’t need. With the savings, buy upgraded earbuds and a 110AC or car charger so you don’t have to connect to a computer to recharge.

The one thing that’s holding me back from buying an iPod is the battery issue–I don’t know if Apple has addressed this already, but it appears that they have not totally addressed it. iPod’s battery was once irreplaceable. If it’s gone, your iPod’s a museum piece; you simply have to buy a new one. I think Apple now has some sort of scheme to replace batteries, but I’m not sure if it’s for all iPods that have so far come out, or just for new ones.

As far as I know the only Ipod batteries you can’t get are for Ipod minis, but those are sold anymore so you wouldn’t need them anyway.
Again as a runner I think ipod is just so much easier to use then creative zen vision. I tried both at the store when I was shopping for a new one and the ipod is just easier to use when you are running. I train for marathons and the battery lasts for the entire long run (20 miles). And again I like the new stuff Nike has come out with compliment my ipod and running.
I know it has already been said by other but I have had no problems with my ipod as far as quality. I have taken mine to five foreign countries, dropped it accidently in the Persian Gulf, ran over it with my car when it accidently fell out of my gym bag, and other stuff I just won’t admit to, and with the exception of a few scratches here and there I have had no problems with it. That is the one thing to be aware of is that the ipod nanos do get scratches fairly easy, but you can buy cases for like $4.00 that will prevent that.
I think you are just going to have to figure out what you really want it for. Any MP3 player that you get for watching videos is going to be pretty big (at least if you actually want to be able to see the videos) which adds weight and may not be what you need for running.

Maybe you should convince hubby that you need one for watching videos and one for running. That way you could get one of each and not worry about it anymore:thumbsup:

With the creative Zen, can you charge it like you can with an ipod? Or do you actually replace the battery evertime?
I have a mp3 player that ran on AAA batteries and it was a pain in the butt.
I have an Ipod nano, which I really like, but I hate itunes. Their a rip off.
I want to get one of the zne players, but won’t if they run on ‘regular’ batteries.

It has an internal battery. With the lead it comes with you charge it from the USB, but you can buy AC chargers separately.

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