Looking to join a religious Catholic group


Does anyone have any suggestions for joining a Catholic group? I’m looking for a prayerful group to help strengthen my faith, not a fraternal or social club. Thanks for your help and God Bless you.


Opus Dei http://www.opusdei.org/en-us/

Any of the Third Orders (Benedictines, Fransciscians, etc.)


Our “Come Lord Jesus” Bible Study does that for me.


The Legion of Mary, the Society of Mary, and the Children of Mary - all solid, God glorifying groups.

Several parishes also have Holy Name Societies, Knights of St Columba/Knights of Columbus (if you’re male) volunteer societies who meet to support their local Knights in prayer and fundraising, and maybe even prayer shawl groups for women.


Parishes near here have Catholic Daughters


Catholic Daughters and Knights of Columbus are fraternal organizations, they are for social and volunteer purposes and they do pray and have a bit of a lesson at the meetings. Socializing and volunteering are good things, but, I get the idea the OP is looking for a spiritual group.


We also have a weekly ladies Rosary group that meets at different lady’s homes.


Thank you for such quick responses! I’ll certainly look into all of these groups. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!


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