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Hi Catholic forums,

I am expressively looking to join a religious order. I have decided, by the grace of God, to join one. I have fulfilled my vocations here outside of an order, and realize my place is not in the world.

Any recommendations would be welcome. Hopefully I can begin writing letters, or sending E-mails, to any orders that are accepting new members to see if I can begin the process.




I have a preference for the TLM, so I would recommend the following: FSSP, ICKSP, Clear Creek (O.S.B.), Silverstream Priory (O.S.B.), The Monks of Norcia (O.S.B.).

I’m sure that there are many other great communities, but I know that these 5 are all orthodox and English-speaking. If you speak French, your options open up quite a bit, as there are some wonderful abbeys in France!

God bless.


You’ll need to do some “homework” first. Each order has its own charism, and you haven’t given us any clues as to what type of order you would be drawn to. You need to start reading some basic information about the different orders, and start sorting out which appeal to you and which don’t. Also, you should be discussing this with your priest and/or spiritual

It’s not just a matter of “any orders that are accepting new members.” A vocation to the religious life, and to a particular order, will be discerned mutually by you AND by the community to which you eventually apply.

Best wishes!


The information you’ve given is the equivalent of “I want to join a club, which club should I join?” How can anyone recommend a club without knowing something about you, your interests, your talents, etc.?

Those same questions arise in terms of religious life. Active or contemplative? What kinds of ministry are you interested in or prepared for? What part of the world are you interested in?

Someone who wants to live in a community and teach might be directed in a different direction than someone who wants to be a missionary or someone who wants to work with the poor or someone who wants to pray while doing simple labor.


May God bless you, and may the Holy Spirit inspire you to discern the right Order. I am praying for you, as are many. I have a very positive vibe from this thread. Peace be with you.


The fraternity jerusalem is awesome. They accept both men and women. They have a monastery in Montreal, Quebec which is amazing. They are a semi contemplative/ semi community order. They are mostly french but their liturgy is beautiful. Montreal has courses one can take to learn the language so don’t let that stop you. I know of an American women who didn’t speak the language who joined and she became quite fluent very quickly.

This is their website.



Montreal based- my apologies for it being in french


The jesuits are also awesome.


The ICRSS is French-speaking. It may have its load of English speakers, but you’re just as good in there linguistically as in any French abbey! :rolleyes:


The most obvious question I could ask when confronting with “Which Order should I join?” is to ask: are you a man or a woman? What age are you? And if you are male, do you feel any calling to a priestly ministry? (or plain ordination, there are priests without ministerial functions)

Afterwards, I’d need to know what exact type of order are you looking into… Are you thinking about professing vows? Are you considering a enclosed order of a contenplative charism, or out in the open to serve the world? Or a mix of the two, even? And are you into an austere listestyle, or one that allows to have some control over yourself?

What type of spirituality do you feel that brings you closer to sanctity? Benedictine? Carmelite? Franciscan? Salesian? Have you looked these up, if you don’t know them?

And a question which is more fundamental than you might think (especially if you’re taking advice from the CAF crowd), are you a ‘traditional’ Catholic (as in, do you frequent or have a preference in the old pre-Vatican II liturgy), or not? That question alone makes any type of recommendation easier, as we know exactly what type of community to exclude. Unless you want to become one of us trads! :cool:

Finally, get a spiritual director who you might think that can help you, Speak with the Vocations Director of your diocese, and pray, pray and pray some more! If you want to become a religious, you might just get used to that! :thumbsup:

I’ll keep you in your prayers, and will await your response. God bless :thumbsup:


Count me out then :smiley:


Even if don’t speak another language, I’m still to know a religious who doesn’t speak two or three languages. Many orders receive people from all over the world and provide a period in the novitiate to provide instruction in the language used in the monastery.

However, a rejection to learn another language might indicate that you do not have a vocation to a religious order. Many orders have a missionary drive and will strive to be all for all, like St. Paul, and an intransigence to learn another language is actually an obstacle to live the vow of obedience.

Christus resurrexit!


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