Looking to Start CATHOLIC PUNK BAND!

Looking to start Catholic punk band

I am a 25 year old vocalist/guitarist looking to start a Catholic punk band in the Chicagoland area. My last band was The Carry Outs
xanga.com/thecarryouts. I also used to do a zine called Rock N Roll High School and a punk public access cable TV show called Loud TV. After living in Europe for 7 years, I have come back to Chicago and would like to get back into playing music.

Even though there are probably thousands of Christian punk bands, to my knowledge only 4 Catholic punk bands exist/have existed:
Outer Fringe (myspace.com/outerfringe from Austria), Flanders (theflanders.com.br/ Brazil), Magesterium (myspace.com/magisterium grindcore from Florida) and Disarm a Catholic xhardcorex band that the drummer from Seven Sorrows used to be in.

Considering that the Catholic Church is the largest Church in the world and the one that was founded by Jesus Christ, with over 1 billion members, it is surprising that there are not more than 4 Catholic punk bands. It is a shame that more Catholics are not spreading the Faith through the medium of punk rock like the Evangelicals are.

I would like to start a Catholic punk band of any style (my preference is pop punk in the vein of the Ramones, Squirtgun, Screeching Weasel, Beatnik Termites, Mr T Experience, early MxPx, and early Green Day, basically LOOKOUT records type stuff…the good kind of pop punk, no cheesy commercialized stuff). I would like most of the songs to incorporate themes in our music that have to do with the Catholic faith. On the other hand I am not closed to doing some songs that, while not having a bad message, are not directly related to the Faith. I also speak Spanish so we would have the possibility of doing some songs in Spanish.

If you play any instrument and are 18 yrs old or older, a practicing Catholic who accepts ALL of the teachings of the Catholic Church in faith, morals, and discipline, send me an email.

I am even willing to start a Catholic xHardcorex band… Get in touch!

Hey, I wish you luck. I’m way too old to join. Heck I can’t even clap to the beat of music. :eek: But I live close enough to Chicago to come in for one of your shows if you get a Catholic punk band together.

I wish you lived near Nashville. I would LOVE to be your drummer!!!
I’ve played in a lot of bands but punk bands were always the most fun!


Just want to say good luck- I was a HUGE punk fan in high school, mostly stuff like MxPx, and some secular groups too. I would love to hear a Catholic punk band! :dancing:

As a fan of punk from way back in the 70s (yes, I am that old!), best of luck!

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