Looking to the East


In the ad orientem posture at Mass, the priest will not be facing away from the people. He will be with them—among them, and leading them—facing Christ, and waiting for his return.

The article is interesting but there is a bit more to it. There is also the following quote: “During the Sundays of Advent, the priests in the Cathedral of the Risen Christ will celebrate the Mass ad orientem. With the People of God, the priest will stand facing the altar, and facing the crucifix.”

This is a wonderful step forward. I’ll pray that the Bishop continues year around. :thumbsup:

I linked to the whole article. :shrug:

It was an interesting article, and I was happy to read it. Thanks for putting up the link. The part about the people, or congregation, facing the East was particularly interesting. I thought back to my youth in a large city, and there were many older Churches, including the one in my parish. In every one, the people faced the East. I have mainly attended two Churches during adulthood. They are both modern Churches of recent construction, and one has the congregation facing north and the other west. I have always felt something was not quite right about the architecture or construction of the Churches but could never figure out what it was. It just didn’t feel quite right. Now I get it.

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