Lord God of Hosts


I hear this in Mass and have seen it in scripture but until recently I never thought about who, or what, the HOSTS are.


I believe that would be the heavenly hosts, that is, all the angels in heaven.


The hosts of angels.


host = great number of people, especially soldiers.




A host is an army, or a mass of armies. Hosts (tz’va’ot) here can likely refer to the armies of angels, or even more broadly, to the entire company of heaven, angels and saints.


In a literal sense, ‘hosts’ = ‘armies’. The Israelites called God “Yhwh of the Armies,” the ‘armies’ depending on the context meaning either the ‘armies’ of Israel or the heavenly ‘armies’ (the stars and other heavenly bodies / the angels).


Very interesting. Thank you for your replies.


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