"Lord of Hosts"


What does the phrase “Lord of Hosts” exactly mean. there are numerous references to it, but I am at a loss as to what it really means.

You thoughts are greatly appreciated.


My dear friend

I’ve always understood it means Lord of the hosts of angels. it could mean angels and saints? But i think it refers to the angels who will be in a giant choir with the saints forever singing Holy, Holy, Holy lord. God of power and might…
As in mass and as in the book of revelation.

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Some translations I’ve seen give it as ‘Lord of armies’. Hosts just being a word for a large group (of ordinary people? soldiers? angels?)

St Michael is described as ‘leader of the heavenly hosts’, and it’s certainly meant in a warlike sense, as his job is to be the ‘general’ in the war between good and evil.


Those definitions seem good to me. Were you thinking of host as in the Blessed Sacrament? Then the title would be confusing.


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