Lord Of The World : Planned Parenthood

There is an ever growing list of companies that gives directly and indirectly to Planned Parenthood.

Everything you buy and from every store you buy a portion of your hard earned money goes to the murder and sale of children and their corpses.

These poor children don’t even have a proper burial but are instead thrown in the garbage like waste.

This list has been around for a number of years and is regularly updated to the best of my knowledge.


In a way this is a foreshadowing of the apocalyptic beast system…

While this is not that in a literal sense the mark of the beast it does give us an idea of a world where we can’t buy or sell anything without giving to the forces of evil.

May the Holy Theotokos Virgin most Powerful Protectress of the Unborn and St Joseph Terror of Demons and Pillar of Families crush the serpentine heads of Planned Parenthood and all abortion outlets.


What does this have to do with Lord Of The World? The novel is about the Church battling Masonry.

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Yes but it was also about the Antichrist and I am saying that Planned Parenthood is an Antichrist system albeit Antichrist with a little A.

A lot of politicians are Freemasons and support Planned Parenthood so I guess there’s a connection there.


For the end of planned parenthood.


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