Lord, what do you whant me to do?

We are a Catholic Community of Friars and Nuns (Sisters) who want to live ALL the more of the Gospel with the facts and in the Truth. We also live with out wanting, asking or touching money, not that it’s bad to touch it, as also the disciples had a safe keeping, but our hearts have greatly desired to live also as Jesus says: “go with out bread, back pack, cane or money” (Cf. Mk 6, 7-8). I have attached a video of my witness that partly expresses our Charisma. We hope you enjoy it… (click on this photo here below to see the video)
Best wishes of Holiness and Beatific Immortality,
from theLittle Friars and Sisters V.V. of Jesus and Mary: www.poorfriars.net


Thank you for sharing this. I always like to hear about communities like yours.

Is it not true that St Francis advised his friars in not touching money at all?..I am reading ‘St Francis of Assisi-Omnibus of Sources’…grazie and Dio te benedicta…

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