Lords Brethren in Bible

Hi Everyone…another question that should be easy for an apologist. :slight_smile:

I was listening to catholic answers live and someone called in with versus’ mentioning Jesus’ brethren.

Matt 12:46
Mark 6:3

This is definitely something any apologist should have a defense for. The guest on CA live didn’t respond well because the caller didn’t read the versus’. Anyway can someone let me know how I could respond to someone mentioning these versus’ and saying look this proves Mary wasn’t a virgin?


Try here: forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=153298

Thanks! This helps. :slight_smile:


Also consider that you will never see a passage in scripture that reads “Sons of Mary” or “Mary’s sons”, you will always see, “Mary mother of Jesus and his brothers and sisters”.

These other siblings are never directly connected to Mary but are connected to Jesus, either by half brother, or relative.

In Christ!

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