Lord's day and catechism

so in the catechism, it is not expressly forbidden to work but it does say to take time to worship God and rest if possible. but then it goes on to say that traditional activities can be a ligitimate reason to work, these include sports and restaurants.

my question is, why is that different than regular work? those things are nonessential but still require people to work. if we do “traditional activitiers” such as sports, restaurants, movies, going to the zoo, even shopping (some people think that’s leisurely), we are contributing to the requirement of having employees aren’t we? is there a difference?

i’m just confused on how it’s written. if someone could help, that would be great. thanks

all good points. i haven’t read the catechism lately, but i try to avoid activities that would cause other people to have to work on sunday. hang out with family, do some gardening or other hobby. of course, mass, prayer and time in the word. i do feel that i should be pursuing some type of volunteer work and have been looking and praying for opportunities. blessings!

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