Lord's Name In Vain

At the dinner table today, my family and I were reflecting on the state of Catholic Catechesis in our town. During the discussion, I made the comment (in a sarcastic tone) that I think kids are only learning to make felt banners of Jesus with butterflies instead of the things that really matter (i.e. different kinds of Graces). In the moment before saying the comment (and a little during it), I thought that I shouldn’t say it because it might be taking the Lord’s name in vain. I stand by my earlier thoughts on the poor Catechesis of our town, but I felt extremely guilty having realized the comment could have been said using our Lord’s name in a more reverent manner. Would you say this is mortal or venial sin?

Hmm… do you mean that your comment about felt banner and butterflies was a little criticism and that adding Our Lord’s Name to that was using His Name in a bit of a flippant way? (also with a negative connotation). You also said that you felt guilty and that even during this, you felt you shouldn’t do it. Just clarifying :slight_smile:

I’m not very good at figuring out what is mortal and what is venial sin… but in cases like this, where you’re not sure, maybe it’s good to confess it anyways :slight_smile: and that would put your mind at rest as well.

I don’t see how you took the Lord’s name in vain. You didn’t use the Lord’s name in any way that was irreverent, you weren’t using it as a curse or a vain oath. And if you have to ask, it’s not a mortal sin–a mortal sin requires three conditions to be met–grave matter, full knowledge, and free consent of the will. Even if you said “Oh Good Lord!” or “Oh my God!” in shock or surprise, you have not committed mortal sin. Let your heart be at peace.


I will confess it whether or not it is a mortal sin but I attend daily Mass and do not want to receive unworthily before heading to confession on Saturday

so you think your understanding of – a shallow and insubstantial education of bible principals – may be from the Devil?-- this is a normal roman catholic problem across the country–

how to educate roman catholics in the precepts of the bible truth–Hmm

you might go on u tube and ck out the – Truth project-- it will lay out the difference between the bible World view-- and the secular world view-- and why the bible is superior

The answer that you got from post 3 is correct. You are being scrupulous. All you were doing is pointing out the truth of the horrible catechesis that is apparently still being taught :eek:
I remember having to make collages with people sharing in our religion class. :rolleyes: Our generation was called collage Catholics.
I think you were actually doing a good deed by exposing the fact that some Catholic teachers are not really teaching what they should be! The beautiful teachings of the Church. Our Catholic faith!

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