Lord's name in vain?


Hello. Today, in order to show my wife that I was very serious in a conversation where I didn't think she was taking seriously I said, "G-- Da--it listen to me." After saying this and impressing to her the seriousness of the conversation I apologized to her and told her that I was not trying to be mean to her, which she understood and accepted my apology. I apologized immediately to the Lord as well for using this phrase, which I have not used in a very long time. I knew that it was a phrase that I should not use, but I am not sure about consent since it happened in a "spur of the moment" and I also do not know if this constitutes grave matter. Can someone please advise as to the sinfulness of this phrase based on the info I've given? Thank you in advance. Catholic perspectives only please.


since its already bothering your conscience - the best thing to do is just confess it the next time you are in Reconciliation. Whether is venial or grave - only your priest can say. Part of Reconciliation is clearing our conscience and it seems like something you need.

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Repent immediately and ask God for forgiveness, and confess it. Out of frustration we utter words we regret, The Lord knows our hearts.


You did much more than others do by apologizing to your wife and repenting and showing contrition to The Lord. I would say it was not mortal sin, if your scenario is accurate, but if your conscience is bothering you, by all means take it to the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

His mercy endures forever!


Thank you for the replies. I will go to confession. Blessings!


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