Lord's Prayer cinema ad snub 'bewilders' Church of England

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Well, I applaud the CoE for the good ad that they made, and for trying to let people see it…

I’m a bit bewildered too. Why would the theaters refuse to show it? I mean is an ad by a church any different than any other ad? I mean they don’t turn the military away, TV networks, other movies, etc…

You have to understand the total apathy towards Christianity that is endemic in much of modern British society to understand it. It’s considered bad taste to say you are actively Christian in certain settings nowadays.

Well they’re not unique in that regard. I’m finding any mention of religion, particularly in the last week since Paris, is getting a very dismissive and even angry response among many in my circle of friends and acquaintances.

Western Society can’t deal with religion anymore, especially in public. It’s unfortunate but true.

I agree with Richard Dawkins

It’s the Cinema’s prerogative. Perhaps they are coming at this from a position that people going to see Star Wars would not be expecting a religious commercial to screen ahead of it.

I doubt it’s that. They are applying their already formulated rules about what ads they will allow. I imagine the thinking behind the rule is that they want to be able to refuse commercials from Loony Weirdcult and DangerouslyWeird Party and realise they might be on difficult legal grounds if they have already accepted commercials from more civilised churches or political groups.

Nonetheless I agree with Kaninchen and Professor Dawkins.

Good post.

I’m not supporting the cinemas, but I must say that many of the comments against them seem to completely miss the fact that they have a general policy.

Another point to consider is that showing the ad could hideously backfire if some of the audience choose to heckle and catcall.

The UK is lost. Those offended by a 60 second ad will be listening to the Muslim call to prayer every day in 30 years, and will ironically support it.

What if the heckles and catcalls backfire themselves?

Ah, we’re lost. Again. Some neck.

Don’t you mean, “will be tolerant”?

There’s irony in what they seem to tolerate.

Have you seriously ever heard anyone heckle or catcall an ad before a movie? I’ve been going to theaters for decades and most I’ve ever seen anyone do to an ad before a movie is ignore it. I honestly don’t understand how a religious ad would be any different than a military ad or an ad to buy some garbage kids toy like you see before movies now.

I have no idea why the Church of England is “bewildered” by this. Have they missed the last 60 years in their own country?

So you are intimately familiar with the UK then I presume like the many other American posters who use this trope about the ‘UK been lost’.

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