Lord's Prayer could be better


Two things I wonder about the prayer Jesus taught:

  1. Why is there no thanks included when this is one of the main purposes of prayer?
  2. Why pray “thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”? Is this not a given?
    What need to say this to God?


I’m not sure the answer to your first question,

But I’ll have a go at this one.
I always understood this as our assent or declaration that we accept and follow God’s will. It’s like an act of trust He will bring all things to the highest good.

  1. The main purpose of prayer is to worship God and remain close to God.

  2. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven states the kingdom of God, the reign of God is on earth and is in heaven.

Jesus was declaring the Kingdom of God being near and here as well as in heaven, with every thing He did.

The parables speak of the Kingdom of God, The miracles of Jesus demonstrate God is here with us right now on earth.

  1. Satan is in your ear and saying you could do better in creating a prayer to God the Father, better then the one Jesus taught us.

As Holy Father Pope Francis says, don’t dialogue with the devil. Say Begone Satan and turn to Jesus for protection.


The whole prayer gives thanks by acknowledging His will, His power and His omnipotence, gratitude is being shown through our subservience and obedience.

After the Lord’s Prayer you could add ‘thank you Father.” If that appeases your sensitivities, I often do during the day anyway.


I was taught early in my religious life that the Lord’s prayer was a pattern for praying, not just a by-rote collection of words to be recited. It’s like an outline which can be expanded endlessly. If you wish to include thanks at any given point, by all means do so. :slight_smile:


For me, the act of asking for our daily needs and for forgiveness for our sins calls to mind how much has already been given and forgiven and evokes gratitude.

In sure I’m not alone in this

And ‘Thy will be done’ for me is a petition - it is asking God to make our human hearts so perfect that we here on earth all do His will as perfectly and naturally as the Saints do in heaven. Of course this is far from.being the case.

But by all means if you think you can do better than Christ Himself, go for it.


Something you might just skip over because it’s so familiar is the fact that, because of Jesus and his merits on the cross, we can call God ‘Father’.
That is shocking to other religions.

‘Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven’ is a very powerful prayer to say, especially when a person is going through great challenges. When things are hard, we want to say ‘come and fix this! Take this cross away! I don’t like what’s happening!’ Your will be done! is powerful. It brings down graces upon the situation. It reminds us of Jesus on the cross and heaven is right there with you when you speak those words. No person can speak those words without God’s grace being right there. I like to imagine the devils hearing those words, they look at each other, and say Run!

I love that you’re thinking of the Lord’s prayer! God bless.


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