Los Angeles bishop kept altar boy list from police

LOS ANGELES (AP) — When Los Angeles police were investigating allegations of child abuse by a Roman Catholic priest in 1988, they asked for a list of altar boys at the last parish where the priest worked.

Archbishop Roger Mahony told a subordinate not to give the list, saying he didn’t want the boys to be scarred by the investigation and that he felt the altar boys were too old to be potential victims, according to a February 2013 deposition made public Wednesday.


It sounds like it was a fishing expedition by the police. They didn’t subpoena the list, they *asked *for it and then asked around for names to create a list of their own. That’s not the usual procedure when conducting an investigation.

As a parent of altar boys, I would be very angry if a Church official gave my sons’ names to the police without my permission.

I am no Cardinal Mahony fan and I certainly don’t think he did the best job working with police on investigations in his diocese but I agree with him on this one.

It’s called an investigation, not a fishing expedition.

And unfortunately, the priest’s reasons for telling his subordinate not to help the police were not good–that they were “too old to be victims”, etc–

If I’m reading the article correctly, it looks as though almost all the altar boys the police were asking about were indeed molested.
If I was the parent of one of those boys, I would for sure have wanted the parish to help the police.
And if I wasn’t a parent of an altar boy but just a parent at the parish, I would have wanted to help this investigation.
And if I was one of those altar boys, I would have wanted the parish to give my name.


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