Losing crown over moral belief


I couldn’t find a thread on this, so allow me to start this one with the links to some relevant media and the disturbing truth this reveals regarding the homosexual agenda in this nation.

The Youtube video of the Q&A:

ABC News Article:

Perez’s video reply:

Two facts are obvious here.

One is regarding Miss California’s answer. She said that she thinks that it’s great that in America people can choose to marry others of the same or the opposite sex. Saying that she clearly distanced her personal beliefs from the political sphere. Which is what we all think the homosexual activists want, right???

Apparently that is not good enough.

Second is the fact that so many people that are for homosexual marriage are upset about her answer. I think that Keith Lewis’ (the co-director of Miss California) comment that he is “sorry and hurt” that “she believes that marriage rights belong to only a man and a woman.” His comment is similar to what so many other people have said. Perez Hilton actually said that, had she won, he would resort to taking the tiara from her, which I believe is only fair to view as a threat of violence towards her because of her PERSONAL beliefs. He said he would have probably been arrested for doing that, but that it wouldn’t stop him.

To be fair, Perez does say that he is not so much angry about her personal beliefs, but rather that she failed to “unite and inspire” people by her answer. He even called her a “dumb bi**h” (which he apologized for). Many, many people on his site commented on his video stating that her beliefs have “not evolved from cavemen times” and similar crude remarks. Perez does not realize that maybe Carrie Prejean (Miss California) does not want to be united to and inspire millions of homosexuals. And apparently Perez does not want to unite and inspire millions of Christians, unless we give up our “unevolved” beliefs that marriage should only be between a man and a woman.

That brings me to my conclusion, that the homosexual agenda is not concerned primarily with getting certain laws passed so that they can pursue what they consider to be marriage, but rather they are wanting to change our culture on a much deeper level. They are not stopping short of changing the moral fiber of our culture, what people believe to be right and wrong.

IF they were simply wanting laws passed, I think it would have been expected that the pro-gay activists would say something along the lines of “well that’s nice that she stated her personal beliefs, and was able to separate them from what she thinks should be allowed or not allowed for everyone else).” That’s what they pretend to want the politicians to do, separate their personal beliefs from legislation they consider. They therefore assume that the laws should support what they want, and if they don’t they must change the personal beliefs of our legislators (and eventually society as a whole) so that what they want can become not just “legal” but “cultural reality”.

They dont’ want our laws to change, they want to change what individuals believe is right and wrong. And punish those who publically state that their personal beliefs that are not in line with the pro-gay agenda.

The push for marriage *is *to change perceptions of right and wrong. They know deep down that what they are doing is wrong, but in the relativistic morass of justification in their heads, they are trying to convince themselves that if they reach this or that milestone, a certain level of acceptance, then their deep down feeling of wrongness will change.

Right now, the fact that some people still think it’s wrong still bothers them…

Intolerance and bigotry at its worst! Not Carrie Prejean, but those who booed her. If this is truly what lost the contest, and it seems it is, then we have a new level of intolerance in America, a new political litmus test even for a beauty pagent. It sure makes me unsympathetic toward those who say gays are persecuted when they are so willing and quick to persecute others.

We should all be willing to give up the earthly crown for the heavenly.

Regarding Keith Lewis’ (the co-director of Miss California) comment that he is “sorry and hurt” that "she believes that marriage rights belong to only a man and a woman.He is actually somehow “hurt” by her personal beliefs! How powerful her personal beliefs are that they actually “hurt” this man. Hopefully for his sake they won’t allow any more people to be in any way associated with the pageant that believe marriage is only for a man and woman.

Regarding a “political litmus test,” should we expect more stringent “political correctness” standards regarding contestants in Miss “State” and “USA” contests as a result of this? We wouldn’t want more people suffering hurts due to people expressing their personal beliefs, even if they are asked “what do you think?”

I applaud her for standing up for what she believes in. Better to lose this contest and stand up for what is right than to lie to oneself to appease the mass. She is a winner and a role model for many of us.

Warmest regards,

Yes, I believe she will receive ample support to help her take the negative criticism and remarks. She will probably also receive hate mail and death threats. Hopefully she has the Miss California staff to handle most of that for her, and hopefully she will be provided with police protection.

Or a Terminator body guard! I couldn’t resist, after all she is Miss California :slight_smile:

I was reading an interview where she said she thought God was testing her character on that question, and she pulled through. Good for her.

Praise God for her witness! If we could have more public, high profile people simply saying that’s what they believe, we’d be much better off!

While it would have been great if she hadn’t been ambigous with her first couple of sentences, she ended up saying exactly what we need people to say: “I believe marriage is between a man and a woman… I’m sorry if that offends you, but it’s what I believe.”

And that’s the only thing the secular media is paying attention to anyway, so lets let them focus on that.

May God bless her for her courage. :signofcross:

I know many of you don’t see being homosexual as comparable to being an ethnic minority, but the fact as, most of these people absolutely do. So for them, it’s like saying “I believe it’s great that black’s are allowed to do everything we can - but I was raised to believe blacks are inferior and cursed by God, and that’s my personal opinion, thanks!” I doubt you guys would be as defensive of this. Free speech means you can’t go to jail or be assaulted for said speech. It doesn’t mean people who disagree with you can’t make their opinions known (booing) or that people can’t choose to disassociate themselves from you due to your unpopular opinions (not naming her Miss USA).

It’s no different than boycotts that typically go on here of different organizations or people that express public support for gay marriage.

While you are entitled to your opinions on gay marriage, how about taking some time to condemn the sin of vanity? It is far more prevalent and accepted in today’s society, and I think far more damaging than gay marriage. Watching that pageant was disturbing to me due to the amount of focus placed on looks and women who were conventionally attractive but not apparently bright. I believe women have the right to compete in these things if it makes them happy and gets them places in life, but I hardly think such pageants are a bastion of Catholic morality regardless of the stance on same-sex (or opposite!) marriage.

The old stand by when in doubt cry religious persecution. Am I right guys?

The problem is homosexuality regardless of race or religion is wrong. We are a nation of freedom, but we are also a nation of values and morals. When your freedom leaves the bedroom and enters my life(politics and courts ruling over the people) then you are encroaching upon my morals and values. The freedom of homosexuals to be perform homosexual acts is fine if that is their choice. But now, they are leaving the bedroom and throwing their lifestyle into everyones face.

Now you see the fit they throw when someone actually stands up to them and says this is what I believe.

Not that I watch Miss America Pageant, I’m sure they will be letting Mr. California on their stage soon. But I think it is time to boycott them.

No, I didn’t “cry religious persecution.” Where did you see that in my post? In fact, I was about to comment on the integrity of the contestant who, rather than cave in to political correctness, stood her ground, understanding it would cost her the crown. Further, apparently you didn’t read the cited article, which quoted her as declaring that she felt that she finished as “the winner” (in a larger sense).

I love it when repliers assume a particular opinion that hasn’t been stated.

Good for Miss Prejean for sticking up for what is right. She showed some strength of character.

You’re forgiven for overlooking my earlier thread of today.:wink:

(I commented already on my own thread in Secular News.):slight_smile:

Thank you, I did a few different searches but your thread just didn’t come up.

I’m sorry you thought I was reffering to you Elizabeth, please accept my apologies. In the future I do recommend adding your comments to the OP to avoid this in the future.

My comments where aimed at the subject of this post one Miss Prejean. Who seems to have decided to cry religious persecution instead of admitting maybe a better person won out.

I agree, from what I’ve read, it does seem that her response may very well have kept her from winning. I didn’t watch it, I don’t know how Miss North or South Carolina, whichever won, scored compared to Miss California, but there are comments that she could have actually won if not for answering that question.

I hope that she receives tons and tons of support. Just in one day she has received so much ridicule! She may face doubts, confusion, frustration, anger, and may have friends leave her for this. I am sure that God has and is building her up to a person who can weather the storm of the near future, as I’m sure the pro-gay media will pounce on her.

I thought you meant that the homosexuals were crying “religious persecution” meaning her religious beliefs were persecuting them.

Which brings up an intersting question…are there any atheists that believe that marriage should be only between a man and a woman? Let’s say there is some vehement atheist out there, that is speaking out eloquently against gay marriage. How would the homosexual community react to that? They couldn’t say he held outdated religious beliefs!

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