Losing faith, doubt

I am honestly afraid that I may be losing my faith in God. I am trying so hard to hold on. I feel so bad, because God has helped me through so much, but I dont know what happened! Like, earlier today, a though popped in saying “I dont care what religion I am in, as long as I end up in the good place,” and I honestly feel so terrible right now. I want to believe in God, as he has helped my family through hard times. Do you all have an tips on regaining my faith?

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That is your ticket right there. You have personal experience of God working in your life. Thus you can trust it will continue if you continue to practice your faith. Maybe make list of all things God has helped you through & put on bathroom mirror so see it each morning. Whatever it takes to be daily reminded so you are encouraged on daily basis. I also make list of what my life was like when I chose not to practice my faith, a list of how horrible life was, etc

Just remember “I am not my thoughts”

Our thoughts are like clothes. I’d never say “I am my shirt”. Clothes comes & goes , as do thoughts.

When I get crappy thoughts I just take healthy action : say rosary, call people in need and ask how their day is going (gets me out my head) or go mass.


Random weird thoughts bubble up from our subconscious and we think “where did THAT come from???”

It’s perfectly normal and not to worry about.:heart:

Why don’t you study apologetics concerning Atheism/For Catholicism on Catholic Answers?


A strong love for God will probably help. There are many subjects in the Catholic that could be used in order to nurture an affection.

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