Losing Faith in Faith


This book (Losing Faith in Faith, by Dan Barker) was referenced to in another thread, and I decided to check out the Amazon responses and ratings. Here is the link.

Has anyone here read this book? And, if so, what do you make of it? Also, are there are good books or websites that counter his points?

I have read that the best thing one can do as an apologist is to have a very good knowledge about other’s beliefs in order to answer their claims more effectively, and this seems like a good book to read for that purpose. Considering I am still working myself through the Bible (although I did read the Catechism), I do not believe I am at that point yet, but I wanted to get some feedback from those of you who are much more knowledgeable than me in this area (and it wouldn’t take a lot! :p)

Thanks in advance!


I’ve been looking for a book that counters the points made in Losing Faith in Faith, but have found none. Perhaps this book isn’t as popular as I thought it would? Or perhas its claims have been answered many times… Perhaps I just need to give it a read myself and then go happy hunting on my own!

Here’s hoping one more time to see if there are some useful resources on the net that speak about this book!


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