Losing faith to logic?

I had to ask the QEUSTION! Does god exist? I’ve been a HUGE believer and this scares me. Not much proof is supported, it contradicts other religions, and it’s just not rational. I’m a HUGE deep thinker, and I NEED PROOF so that I can believe in him. Please help me!

I recommend you pick up a book called The Reason for God by Timothy Keller. I think you will find answers there.

But let me say this to you. A major theme of the Old Testament is the corruptibility of human beings. Without God, humanity tends toward perversity and decay.

A major theme of modern atheism and secular humanism is the perfectability of human beings. This belief holds that with enough education and government, humans can be made to good and society perfect.

Now, I ask you, which theme is more realistic? I submit that the answer makes a strong case for the validity of the Bible.

Look up Thomas Aquinas’ The Five Ways it’s good basic introduction to proving the existence of God. Also keep in mind it’s impossible for humankind to be completely logical and objective, just as your body and soul are one, so is your mind and soul. logic doesn’t solve everything in fact it can used as a psychological defense mechanism to hide oneself from uncomfortable emotions.

Check out works by Edward Feser, and his blog. If you google him, his blog should pop up. He’s a philosopher and VERY logical, and rational minded and builds a strong case for the existence of God. Also, check out some of the arguments posed here by Peter Kreeft. It’s a nice basic outline of some of the basic arguments for God out there. peterkreeft.com/featured-writing.htm (If the peter kreeft link doesn’t work, google his name and most likely his site is the first result you will find). You know, when I come to doubt I look to Jesus. The resurrection of Jesus is a strong reason for my belief in God. Skeptics will jump through hoops to try explain away his resurrection, but at the end of the day, after all my exhaustive research as a former skeptic from trusted, corroborated scholarly articles, I don’t see how else to explain the existence of our faith other than Jesus rising from the dead. I hope the links and suggestions help. Don’t lose faith! Seek and you shall fin[BIBLEDRB][/BIBLEDRB]d :slight_smile: God bless you!!!

Read New Proofs for the Existence of God from Physics and Science by Dr. Robert Spitzer PhD. You’d better have a som postgrad math, though.

Also, in case your falling into the atheist circles or arguments, just read the book The Dawkins Delusion… Excellent critique on modern illogical atheism.

ALSO if God is not there, how are we staying sustained in existence? What keeps the universe there?

Faith defies logic.

The idea that God exists contradicts other religions? It is actually the opposite. All major religions have a belief in God.

For thousands of years great thinkers (or huge deep thinkers) rationally believed God exists. Perhaps that is a good place to start – recognizing there probably is a rational basis for the belief in God, but you may not yet know it.

If God doesn’t exist, there can be no right and wrong.

Praying for you…

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women
And blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
Pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

P.S. " A virgin will conceive and bear a child…" Foretold hundreds of years before it happened. Now, how did that happen?

Faith Transcends logic:)

Yes it sure does,

…HE is *not *a thing…

Yes, but so does superstition. This thread concerns logic (another, and perhaps better word for logic is philosophy).

[quote=YehoiakhinEx232]Look up Thomas Aquinas’ The Five Ways it’s good basic introduction to proving the existence of God.

This is where we need to start. Particularly his argument of the unmoved mover. Either the universe caused itself (which means it was simultaneously in a state of possibility and actuality, which is a logical dichotomy - and, besides, nothing ELSE has ever created itself) or it was caused by something else (in thermodynamics, we call this an external (outside the system) application of energy). If it is caused by something else, that something must transcend the universe (space and time).

As our favourite Vulcan said:

“Logic. Logic. Logic. Logic is the beginning of wisdom, Valeris, not the end.”

I may not fully understand God, but logic tells me that only God ultimately explains the very order of life. To not believe in God would be illogical.

The existence of God is the most logical explanation for the existence of the universe.

If you’d rather watch a youtube, look up the talks by William Lane Craig for starters. He’s not Catholic, but his basic explanations are VERY good. :thumbsup:

…yes, their is something that is unseen, unheard, and perhaps unfelt that is behind it all:

The Unmoved Mover

You show little evidence you are any sort of “HUGE deep thinker”. You make specious claims about lack of proof and the non-rationality of God.

Stop worrying and put more effort and time into actually thinking and practicing your faith. The answers are easy to find if you try at all.

Those who deny the existence of God, generally dont have any supporting evidence.

The only arguments made are

  1. Belief in God is not logical. That is pure opinion, not an evidential argument.
  2. Belief in God is not rational. That again is pure opinion, not an evidential argument.
  3. Belief in God is not scientific. That again is pure opinion, not an evidential argument.

That is why the onus is always placed on the believer in God to provide evidence. Evidence which can become the basis of refutation. It is always easier to tear down other ideas than to defend our own, and if we can make the opposition argument void, we win by default. That is particularly true of atheism.

So the “logical, rational, scientific” atheist is not the free-thinking genius they often believe themselves to be, but are mere sheep, parroting the same useless arguments defined above which they have been taught in secular education systems.

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