Losing faith. Why should I believe in God?


No I get that. But like what evidence exactly? I’ve been looking for evidence of Jesus’ existence/miracles and resurrection, but it’s mainly the bible? Or is there something else I can’t find? I’m really trying here.


Well for beginners, Jesus definitely existed. Practically all historians (religious and nonreligious alike) agree on that.

As for the resurrection specifically, try this video:

I need to go to bed tomorrow but I will try to find more resources for you tomorrow


If you have some time, listen to the following video presentation.


Awesome thank you!


Will do, thank you!


I keep seeing posts like this, and I keep wondering where people are getting their misinformation. I must commend you, though, at least you’re asking honest questions and not trolling to get someone to say you’re right. (Just an observation). If you think belief in God is hard, try not believing him, that requires a lot of blind faith.


I don’t really understand how can you say God did not answer your prayer. I also cannot see how could you perceive God as not doing anything when at the same time you give credit to God for healing your mother? Please, tell me it makes sense to you…


Supernatural grace is the greatest proof on a daily basis, since cooperating with it, a person can remain free from mortal sin.


Trust me, I want to believe. I really do. To find purpose in this life, yet God seems so silent that it seems like he doesn’t care. Either that or he’s not even there


What I meant is that I don’t know if I am correct in giving God credit in that situation. What if it was just great doctors and no God at all? I hope that clarifies a bit.


I don’t think I truly understand. Could you explain this concept a bit more?


Well, first off God gives people strenght to do good things. So if a doctor cures you mom, yes, the doctor did the work, but how come you were ended up with a good doctor? Perhaps God sent you that doctor. Just curious, but had your mom died of cancer, would you be saying ‘it is becausde the doctor did something bad’? Or would you be saying ‘Why did God let my mom dye’? If you won’t credit God with the good, you can’t really blame Him for the bad

Also, exacctly what are you praying for that he doesn’t answer? When I was younger, instead of studying, I would pray for an A+ on my test. And then think God wasn’t helping me. As I became more mature, I would prayer before studying "God, please help me understand the course material’

Have you ever asked God what your purpose is? To be honest, you sound quite depressed asking what your purpose is.

However, I as well find all the stories in the bible of God healing the sick discouraging. It does make me wonder what the point is. In my life, it seems like more often than not, God does not miraculously heal them. Perhaps this isn’t the most Catholic thing to say, but… the particular answer you need is probably not going to be clearly found in the bible. (by the way, no where in the bible does it say we can’t use other sources)


But then how can you also say this?

Tell me that you are for real!


I understand where you’re coming from. It just seems like God does not answer my prayers to rid me of my mental illnesses. I’m making strides to get better on my own, which are super painful and I don’t feel like I’m getting any assistance. To go back to the doctor situation. I haven’t thought about that specific situation, but I’m just thinking of it from the point of view of there being no God. I hope that God would heal my mother, and although she was healed, there are many others who are not. Why doesn’t God answer these? And yes, I’ve tried to read the bible to become “closer to God” but ultimately when I finish, I feel like I’ve heard a story of very unlikely things and also like I’m reading a rulebook. I just wish God was more easily accessible to people today. If he was just even a bit more obvious, I’m sure many more would believe in him thus=they are saved.


This is what I’m used to doing. Giving God all the credit in the world. It is just recently that I’m feeling like maybe I was responsible for progress I made and I alone. I’m conflicted because I’m used to giving God all the credit, but what if He’s not really doing anything? Why should he be credited? Does he exist? That’s my thought process


Hey Walter glad to see you again. Have you ever taken a look at near death experiencers? You have to be a bit careful who you believe here but I’ve found a few to be very helpful for my faith life. One in particular I personally believe is credible (there are others if you need links). He basically had every reason not you o believe. He died and found himself being dragged into hell, and decided, “what do I have to lose.” So he prayed to Jesus. Jesus showed up and saved him. After returning to earth he wrote a book, became a pastor, and has spent many years speaking about God, Jesus, and heaven. I personally found his witness quite compelling and it helped me greatly to put a face on faith.


He has a ton of inviews out there, I picked a few I liked.


I will check these out for sure. I’m usually hesitant to believe these, as anyone can lie, but I will watch them all. Thank you!!


See what God allowed me to do. See how MASSIVE those links are! Lol how did those get so big and not just post the link…?


Yeah for sure… One of the reasons I like him is that he has lived his witness for almost forty years… if you “know them by their fruits” he is bringing it… the last one is my fave but it’s a little hard to follow as it’s missing half the talk.


You shouldn’t blame God for your depression. You should learn to love yourself to get out of depression and to be perfectly fine with who you are and how you feel. We are socially conditioned to think that we are not ‘good enough’, so it’ll be hard to fully accept yourself at first. Of course God can help but He is not gonna do the work for you.

There are many reasons for us to believe in God, however, we are too blind to see them.

I’d say that if you truly want to solve this you should ask more questions and search always for the truth.

Don’t believe in God because you find it pretty or because you just want to, you should believe in God because you truly found Him and because that is the truth.

Why would you think God does not exist?

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