Losing faith. Why should I believe in God?


This is precisely what puzzles me. People usually give credit to God for making one strong and able to cope with difficulties. I thank God for making it possible for me to stand my course. It is a collaboration and not an either/ or kind of thing: it is not like either I am the champion or God is the champion! Because it is God who gives me faculties to become a champion at the first place and make fame to do His will even more.

You show God the gold medal you earned with laborious hard work telling Him, you see it is beyond my own effort. I would not have been able to do this without you. I would have failed if you are not there. You gave me the victory. I am champion because you are. You are the champion of the whole universe! Glory be to God forever!


Well… one possibility is God feels it is best to help you learn to live and be at peace with your illness. Just because you have an illness does not meant you have to suffer. There are coping mechanisms.

As for why God does not heal others. From my perspective, healing is NOTalways a good thing. If someone dies of cancer in a state of grace, they get to go to heaven and that can be a lot better than continuing to live, being led to mortal sin and going to hell. So… I see good in death

And I agree reading the bible can appear to be reading about unlikely things which is why I suggested perhaps another source. Truth be told, the bible has a lot of meanings that are not obvious by reading it. The best would be to go to a bible study with a knowledgeable teacher who can teach what it means. Even the simplest of statements can have a meaning that is not apparent.


Perhaps the reason you are feeling like YOU are responsible for the progress you made is God wants you to see YOU are capable of good? Maybe it is God’s way of saying ‘I knew you could do it because you are strong’

Honeslty, when someone tells me how good I am at something, I try to be polite and say thank-you, but if I am in a safe place I will say ‘Yes I am blessed. It is one of the abilities God gave me’


At age 58, I have been through a lot of ups and downs in my life. In my late teens, one of my aunts fell desperately ill. I prayed and prayed. And she died. And so, I became an atheist for about five or six years. Eventually, I decided to find God again (although He had never left me). I had been raised Protestant. But through a lot of soul-searching, I entered RCIA at age 28. I was received into the church at age 29.

My faith journey has never been easy. I have stomped away from the church, but I always come back. God has a lot of patience with me.

I went through decades of crushing depression and anxiety. Finally, I am on a new drug that has changed my life. I am now physically disabled. By some miracle, I have never blamed God for my situation. Whenever I think of my suffering, I think of Our Lord dying the worst possible death. Every pain we have felt, he has felt. Every loss we’ve had, he’s had. All I can do is give up my suffering to God.

In 1995, I came to believe in God with a depth I can’t explain. I nearly died in a canoeing accident on the Delaware River. I was pinned to a log, and I somehow I hung on. Two men showed up from out of nowhere on an uninhabited island. One of them spoke to me and said: “Everything will be all right.” And he pulled me out quite easily.

I later learned that partially submerged logs (called strainers) are deadly to swimmers or canoeists. Soon after my experience, one unfortunate woman who was sucked down under a log. Two strong men, both avid outdoorsmen, struggled for 30 minutes to pull her out. They failed and she drowned. May God rest her soul.

I was also very drawn to the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe. I have seen the tilma and there are images that scientists cannot explain. I’ve read stories about the miracles. You might be interested.

My life is challenging, but I keep plugging ahead. I know it’s hard. But keep trying. God bless you in this difficult.


God performs miracles in my life every day. He hasn’t stopped. One of His biggest miracles was making me see Fuji mountain during the summer when it was actually very rare and after I prayed very sincerely and believed He could do anything. I am directed very much in my life and blessings come my way every day. When I told my friend that “if we give, we shall receive - like in the bible” when I gave 1000 yen for the offering at church, my Japanese other friends treated me up to 4000 yen on food unexpectedly. My money got back to me with interests. I also bought souvenirs which I liked a lot but decided to give them away, thinking “God will give me more nxt time”. And The next time i went to Japan, the product was sold in another city unexpectedly and I was able to buy it again. My aunt also had a daughter that was possessed due to someone’s black magic and when she prayed, her daughter moved like a snake and the wtv evil spirit in the end said in fear “apologies, apologies, Jesus has caught me” she asked the evil spirit some questions and told it to leave her daughter in the name of Jesus and it left. Too many miracles. I can’t count them , blessings are given every day. Food, clean water etc.

Regarding other things,
Nothing created itself.
You didn’t exist 3000 years ago. Where were you?
It all comes from God.
How about fetus? Who injected talents, personality to the fetus? Someone might say, maybe from gene or ancestors, ok, but how about the first ever human being. Who injected it?
If I was an atheist, and i learn about exorcisms, ghosts, black magic, miracles in fatima, host becomes Jesus’s flesh, stigmata, people’s testimonies, I will begin to question, what’s going on and why is Jesus’s Name so powerful?

Plus, people of long time ago didn’t know that the head had a brain in it. But when someone died and they opened it for example, they realized A BRAIN EXISTED/was in it.
Not feeling God exists, doesn’t mean He doesn’t exist.

There are atheists converting to Catholicism, Jennifer Fulwiler is a good one.

If I tell myself: Ok. Jesus is not God. Suddenly this bad feeling comes up, and all logic about what is happening in this world (the ones i typed) and the fact that the Catholic teachings are so… good, makes me not able to deny that He is.
When I surrender to my doubt, truth defends itself.

Plus, We can trust that Jesus is God because Catholic is a Church with Jesus as its leader, which you can trace down through history. Jesus claimed to be the Son of God. He acted like God. His disciples worshiped Him. If He turned out to be a crazy man (who on Earth is brave enough to say His claims??? bold thing to do) and didn’t rise from the dead etc. His disciples whom had left everything just for him would have been devastated, but no. They got the Holy Spirit and did many miracles in His Name and for Him. Miracles and healing are still happening in the Name of Jesus. JESUS IS GOD. AND TOO REAL. +Catholic didn’t start due to the bible, it started due to the existence of Christ. The bible is the way it is now years after the Catholic Church was established.

Hope this helps
God bless you


I’m sorry you are going through a crisis of faith. I’m sure we’ve all gone through that one way or another.
I hear about miracles all the time: recently a priest told me about laying hands on a poor Guatemalan woman and praying for her, and she began coughing up a lot of gunk – turns out she was cured of cancer according to her doctors. Of course we don’t need to believe this, but it’s hard to doubt so many histories – Mother Angelica had some experiences with angels, as did Padre Pio. Muslims are having visions of Christ and his mother, and converting.

Sometimes I doubt. But I follow Puddleglum’s plan – from The Silver Chair by C.S. Lewis. He said he chose to follow Aslan and live as much like a Narnia as he could, even if there wasn’t any Narnia (meaning heaven) because it beat by far the dark and gloomy world of the atheists.

We exist, and we did not create ourselves. We cannot be a product of a mindless universe, for many obvious reasons, so it appears we were created by a Creator. And he made himself known in Jesus.
Try reading the New Testament instead of the Old. Jesus speaks plainly in it, and it’s hard not to be convinced that He is the truth.


Jesus is God.


The apostles thought, after hearing the teaching of Jesus, that salvation would be impossible, for anyone, wealthy or not. But Jesus answers that with God it is possible, of course what God gives that makes it possible is supernatural grace. Since we are given free will by God, we can use it to cooperate with the given grace.

Matthew 25

23 Then Jesus said to his disciples: Amen, I say to you, that a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven.
24 And again I say to you: It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of heaven.
25 And when they had heard this, the disciples wondered very much, saying: Who then can be saved?
26 And Jesus beholding, said to them: With men this is impossible: but with God all things are possible.


Why should you believe in God?
Because at the end of the day, where else are you gonna go? What will you do when you die? Where did you come from? Why were you born? What is the purpose and meaning of your life?
What will last after you die? Will you take your stuff with you?

Sometimes the intellect fails, and all the trappings of life fail, and love is all that is left. I’ve never seen a person on their deathbed worry about how much stuff they have.
What we are concerned with ultimately is “how did I love, and am I loved?” Everything else is rubbish. And God is love. The love that brought you into existence. The love that will still be after your body fails. The love that calls you to go out today and serve someone else.

I am besieged by skepticism myself, and when religion just does not make sense, I am reminded that Christ embraced my sins and all of their ugliness. Christ transformed my life. And He is what I cling to, not my power to understand.

A good suggestion for you might be to visit a nursing home, and just spend time with people who have little time for understanding theology, but have their priorities in order.


That’s the problem. I’ve believed in Him my whole life, but it just seems like as catholics, we’re told that God is always with us and that he cares for us, yet most of the time, when we pray, it feels like God does not answer yes to anything. It’s just us working our tails off to get something we “prayed for” and then giving God credit when we didn’t feel him helping us.


I want to think like this and I have for a long time. But going back to what you’re saying, about God making it possible for you to be strong. How do you know God is making it possible for you? How do you know that he’s the source of your strength, and not your perseverance?


That’s true. Good point about the state of grace thing.


I’ve also considered this, but even this point of view does not give me faith that God is really there rooting for me. It’s goes back to almost supporting him not being there at all. He was silent rooting for me or he’s silent as in not answering prayers. One is a more positive way to look at it, I guess, but it still doesn’t make me feel like God is really there, or he cares for me.


Thank you for sharing your story. I’m so glad you persevered in these hard times. With the thought of God saving your life, I’m not exactly convinced, although I’d love to think he sent those to rescue you, what if it was by chance? Even how low the chances were? I’d also love to read on those miracles. What was the tilma like in person? I’d love to hear back from you on your experience seeing it!


Thank you for this, a lot of good information here. God bless you as well.


Ok but to be honest we often don’t feel like He is helping us, but that doesn’t change the fact that He is. Remember feelings aren’t faith. When I go to the gym and the trainer corrects me it doesn’t feel very good, but it’s what I need… we also have to be open to the way God answers prayers and that sometimes what we ask for isn’t the best for us so the answer is no.


My Delaware River experience is holy and not to be debated with a skeptic.

The original tilma (a poncho of an indigenous Mexican) can be seen high on a wall at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City. I couldn’t possibly post all the resources available that explain the miracle.

This image is shows the tilma outside of the frame. The rays surrounding the Blessed Mother and the angel below are believed to be man-made additions. The real miracle of the tilma is that millions of indigenous people converted to Catholicism.


One would not know but one would believe. Have faith. Why don’t you ask further: who is the source of my perseverance? You could play a game, now play there is no God, now play there is God… It is just a game. If all you are up to is game, then you’ll play your game, no matter what.

But it is your ability to believe that is at stake. You may say what if there if no God…? Well, then nothing. You only lost your ability to believe. You’ll live happily ever after as long as you don’t miss it. Think of music. When you lose your ability to enjoy music, you turn off music and live without. You’ll be fine as long as you don’t miss it. But people who love music will see a poor guy who lost his ability to enjoy music. It will be your loss and not theirs.

God acts in the world through the world. If you don’t wanna see Him you’ll turn a blind eye. Okay. Then you should not blame God for anything either. How could you blame someone whom you don’t believe exists?


Walter, you are questioning a person who shared with you a strong faith experience. Perhaps, you would need a faith experience yourself, rather than questioning others. You should be able to receive that experience by conditioning your mind to Jesus Christ. He is the light to elevate your countenance from the mud onto the high and to raise up your being from misery. Why do you think any other way is possible?

Here is a question for you to answer: How does your faith depend on the stories of miracles? If it depends on them, then is it true faith? The dog of Pavlov was depended on eating on time in order to feel good so he heeded the sound of the bell to prepare himself for a meal. If it is the miracles only that ring a bell in you, then you don’t care about the teaching of Jesus Christ, you only care about feeling good. Then how can you complain about not being able to believe?

If you don’t have faith, then the miracle stories do not tell you anything. If you refuse to be convinced, then you won’t be convinced. If you nurture doubt, then doubt is what you will have. You reap what you sow.


Didn’t mean any offense, it’s just your experience is similar to other miracle stores I’ve heard, not to diminish the greatness of yours.

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