Losing my faith, help

I am a convert from protestantism. I enjoyed being a protestant much more than I enjoy being a Catholic. It was much more fulfilling, and I felt closer to Jesus. I did not want to convert to Catholicism. I resisted. I lost many friends who do not believe Catholics are Christian. It was difficult because many Catholics are not well catechized and do not put God first I their lives. I joined the Catholic Church because presented with the writings of the early Father’s, I could only conclude that the Catholic Church Jesus established. I joined because I realized that I cannot be the authority on interpreting the Bible.

Of course, my situation is different, but I think the kernel is the same. We must remain Catholic because Jesus has established his Church. Regardless of corruption, offenses, sacrilege. Think of how much these offenses wound Jesus, and yet he does not lose his faith in us.

Perhaps one day you will find a holy church. Do the best you can yo remain faithful until then. This is a cross God has given you, so you can rely more closely on Him.


Sounds awful. I hope I never walk into one of those lol.

I’ve never been to adoration but it’s an excellent idea!

I get so jealous when I hear stuff like that! I’m not moving anytime soon so to me it’s like a distant dream, a fantasy. But I’m happy for you! I always pray for a miracle too!


I have to fully agree with that. That’s the sad fact with the majority of the laity.


I’ve contemplated doing that, but I’m afraid the priest will notice haha

You just described my exact situation! I was never officially protestant, but while away from catholicism, I was considering it and I had never been as close to God as I was during that time! Coming back to catholicism was just because I could not deny the truth!


Sounds like you read too much and not necessarily from the proper sources.
There are many “cliches “ repeated around which really don’t happen or are very rare in real life.
Much less all together like “everything is wrong.”
It is patently obvious sometimes that the writers haven t even set foot in a Church.
What you have available to read in the internet may come from any type of source , even trolling sometimes.
It is quite obvious often times …

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It does sound like your old parish was iffy, but just as a friendly reminder to anyone reading: there are plenty of priests who say the Ordinary Form of the Mass with appropriate seriousness, and it’s a completely valid Mass, just like the Extraordinary Form.

I’m not saying you’re saying it’s not, it’s just sometimes people come away from these discussions thinking the Ordinary Form is bad or inferior somehow.


If you ask Siri or Alexa, they will say,

Q: who founded the Catholic Church?

A: Jesus Christ


I absolutely agree with you with your exhortation not to let liturgical abuses —and make no mistake, there are still too many places where there are real true unmistakable liturgical abuses of the worst kind—make a person ‘lose faith’.

What we need to do is keep the faith even when we don’t even receive what is our right as Catholic Christians —the right to a Mass in union with all other Catholics, a Mass free of abuse—because our responsibility as Catholics is not predicated on actually receiving those. OTOH our rights and responsibilities as Catholics also do not allow us to simply, ‘offer it up’. If we were the only ones suffering, that would be a perfectly legitimate option, but if others are suffering, we need to raise our voices, not to get something ‘for us’ but rather to allow what is God’s own desires for OTHERS (including us, and including any well-intentioned but liturgically illicit-enabling priests and others too).

So a good thing is to make sure that we are well-educated regarding what is abusive. Constant Hagen-Haas is abusive to the ears for many, and theologically murky, but it is not in and of itself ‘abusive’. For the priest to ad lib the Eucharistic prayer, changing the words of consecration, constantly omitting a creed of any kind, using glass chalices, etc., these ARE abuses, some minor, some major.

When we absolutely know that something is illicit and/or invalid, then we approach the priest first, after much prayer for the priest, fasting and alms if possible, and with the greatest possible respect we INQUIRE about what we question.

If it is made clear that the priest not only thinks he is ‘right’ but intends to keep on, we need to be ready to, again with the deepest respect, and continuing to attend Mass too, go ‘up the chain of command’, knowing that probably nothing will come of it but ill will toward us. However, if enough people would have the guts to do this, instead of the bishop having one or two letters regarding something wrong, he might very well have a couple of dozen, or even a couple hundred—and then something might actually be done. Above all, keep constantly praying for this priest and not, “Oh God please smite him because he’s such a pill” but, “Oh God, thank you for this priest and his service and all his many good deed and prayers. Please give him abundant grace to continue to do Your Will.”

You may never live to see any result from this, or it may be only negative and directed at you—but I truly believe there will be good from this and it will be made manifest.

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That’s why I specified it was a liturgically abusive Novus Ordo. I’ve been to some very nice reverent Ordinary Form Masses I don’t have a problem with it when done right.


Jesus to the Church at Ephesus:

Yet I hold this against you: you have lost the love you had at first. Realize how far you have fallen. Repent, and do the works you did at first. (Revelation 2:4-5)

When in life was your faith the strongest? Perhaps, it was when you were a child. What can / what will you do to return to the devotional pattern that you followed then?

Despite the fact that they got it right, I still hate those things.


Oh me too. My brother uses one all the time and it drives me up the wall.

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these are the SSPX parishes in the province of Quebec.


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SSPX is still not in full communion with the rest of the Catholic Church. There are plenty of threads about it in CAF. Better to look into FSSP, they have Latin Mass in Quebec city AND are in full communion with the Catholic Church.

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The video you posted is from Fatima Center. You know from a topic that you created 11 days ago that Fatima Center is also a controversial organization.

Offer to babysit someone’s young children at mass lol. Guaranteed you won’t notice what the priest is saying or what the music is. I sympathize because I know what’s it’s like when it feels your the odd one out, as I’ve gotten older I realize it wasnt healthy for me and I need to be more flexible.


You can probably lawyer your way into “the SSPX is fine to attend” but why bother? It’s not like there aren’t plenty of other traditionalist societies or groups without the, let’s say, complicated relationship with Rome.


I know the landscape in Canada. It’s way too liberal there. I don’t see any problem if the person has to go to a SSPX parish. Besides, even Rome gave the faculties for confession. I’m sure in the coming years, their irregular status will be straightened out.

And there’s one FSSP parish in downtown Quebec city and one in Montreal.


also check out https://unavocecanada.org/

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