Losing ones teaching job for living in sin

I am confused, a friend of mine (who is agnostic or maybe even atheist) shared a Facebook page calling for support of a teacher that was fired for getting married to his partner. I understand and agree with the Catholic school for doing it but how can I explain it to someone that thinks it is bigotry. I want to defend it but how can I when I am pretty sure this same school has not fired teachers for adultery, divorce then remarriage or fortification or any other life style sin. Can anyone defend this with out sounding hypocritical?:confused:

Its a Facebook Share… it doesn’t need explaining.

Delete it from your Facebook. You do not need to do anything with FB shares.

If this friend ask you for your thoughts… a personal question to you… not a FB share… you can speak with him.

You shouldn’t try to “defend” FB shares.

Be at Peace and delete FB messages that you don’t want to read on your Wall or Home Page.

How is it bigotry? I thought bigotry meant one had to be already married and marry another for it to be bigotry. Bigotry isn’t simply being gay and getting married legally. :shrug:

It easier I think not to defend either side because ‘you’ were not present at the school and have no idea if there are other issues at stake. ie was the teaching up to scratch or discipline in the school. Lots of possibilities for the real reason the person may have been sacked and the public may never know.

Fired from a Catholic school or a public one?

Bigamy: marrying more than one woman
Bigotry: hateful intolerance

On another note: If you want to “defend” an idea, saying “I’m pretty sure” doesn’t work.

You defend with actually knowledge, facts … not “Well, I’ll guess the same school didn’t…”

You can’t defend facts with guesses… especially when your guess is incorrect.

The teacher was not fired, he resigned. He married his lover and it was pictured in the newspaper. It is a Catholic High School.

You are thinking of bigamy, not bigotry. Big difference. Bigamy is having 2 spouses. Bigotry is having prejudice and intolerance. In this case the bigotry that the OP is referring to is that an employee was fired for a sinful lifestyle, while other sinful lifestyles have been ignored.

ETA apparently someone got to that before me…apologies.

Teaching is a very important job that calls for one to live a good moral code in order to set an example for one’s students. Not everyone is called to be a teacher.

Do you know for certain that other lifestyle choices have been ignored at this particular school? I know that at some of the Catholic schools my children have attended, teachers have been dismissed for living with a partner outside of marriage and for getting married outside of the Church (which would happen if a Catholic remarried after divorce).

Fortification isn’t a sin unless done without the proper liquor license. :smiley:

By the way, there’s nothing wrong about bigotry as long as it’s bigotry against sin.

That’s bigomy, not bigotry. Though you are quite right about the rest of it. Lots of people claim they get fired for one reason when it’s any number of other reasons.

On the other hand, whether the principal of the school is a bigot or not, it doesn’t matter. The school is paid thousands of dollars by parents who expect their child will be instructed in the teachings of the Church. If this teacher tells his students that he is married, he is lying. He is not upholding the teachings of the Church. The difference between this and fornification is that the second is generally done with discretion and not advertised as a viable alternative lifestyle.

In English English it is spelled ‘bigamy’. :wink: :thumbsup:

It’s spelled bigamy in most English. I just spelled it wrong. Either way, I think we’re talking about bigotry.

Yup, you’re expected to be darn near perfect. It’s a thankless job, especially in Catholic schools where you make only slightly more than a WalMart cashier (no offense to WalMart employees, just saying.) Please show some love to your Catholic school teachers, people! They’re not doing it to make the big bucks, that’s for sure!

You work for the Roman Catholic Church as a teacher in a Roman Catholic School. You do not work for the principal, the superintendent, etc. and certainly not for the $75,000 + annual salary paid by some public school systems (far from it). If you are a teacher, you are a role model. You must live your life accordingly or answer to God for not doing so. The Pastor of any parish with a Catholic school cannot grill teachers regarding their private lives but, in a case where such a teacher is in direct contradiction to the teachings of the Faith, that person has no place in a Catholic school. One poster said the teacher resigned, was not fired; he did the correct thing. Although it can be taken metaphorically as well as literally, Jesus did say:

“If any of you put a stumbling block before one of these little ones who believe in me, it would be better for you if a great millstone were fastened around your neck and you were drowned in the depth of the sea.”

The other thing is that there are morals clauses in most teacher contracts at Catholic schools. Teachers who commit these sins are breaking their contracts, and additionally causing scandal if they do so in a public way.

Ditto to St Francis

We sign moral clauses within our teaching contracts each year.

We choose to teach in a Catholic school and we know going in that we must uphold the teachings of the Catholic Church. It’s a no-brainer. Work somewhere else, but don’t be a hypocrite and take money from a Church and parents who expect you to live up to certain standards and then complain about those standards.

Gosh, I just assumed that everyone who wanted to teach in a Catholic School would want to follow the Church’s teachings…

  1. when a person applies for a job they are in fact representing themselves for suitability in responsibilities and personal understood goals in the career.

  2. If a person presented themselves as a homosexual at the interview for a Catholic school they would know it would conflict with the specific schools idea in teaching which are a form of life guiding objectives.

  3. Therefore the applicant and the institution are in conflict re objectives.

  4. If the applicant does not tell…they are keeping character information which is part of an interview deliberatly from the interviewer.

  5. When found out, the deception and lie dismantles any responcibility from the institution to uphold any and all employment understandings.

the whole thing is a lie and the culprit “should” count lucky stars they are not sued for cashing a paycheck which was not earned in the understood manner in the employment contract…total mischief ( *highly recommended law suite at this time in culture fully against the homosexual and I am firm on that. Forgive the sinner, do not judge…ok…now give the money back for services not rendered and arranged by deceit.

theft is the root of all social degradation and comes in many many forms, this time against the fair and reasonable expectations of not only the school but the parents fully against youngsters.

The youngsters are societies overwhelming importance of concern in todays world. The world wants secularism, justice …ok. Lets have logical justice for the future citizens starting right now shall we?

Could you let me know which school district pays that much to a teacher? I’m clearly working for the wrong people as I’ve been teaching nearly a decade and make half that.

**I have a hard time with this issue - since I believe there really is no issue. The Catholic Church has an obligation to present the truth of the faith.

If one is a faithful and active Catholic would one even consider bring such scandal to the school and faith?

Teachers are role models whether they believe that or not. So if any Catholic teacher is openly living a life that contradicts the faith and morals of the Church - why would they want to teach at the school?**

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