Losing Weight / Vanity

Is it vanity if the primary reason for wanting to lose weight is to look better? Sure, it would be nice to be healthier, but that would not be the main reason. I should clarify that I am not unhealthy; I just have a few pounds that I could lose. Losing that little bit of weight wouldn’t be to show off or look better than others. It would be more of the motive just to not look bad.

We are obligated to take care of and preserve the earthly bodies with which God has gifted us. Surely losing weight would have some positive impact on your health and so, if even indirectly you have done yourself good by losing the weight then your actions would be put forth for a greater good.

Simply assess your motivation. If you want to lose weight only to look better than the lady next door, then of course your actions are ill-motivated and potentially sinful ones. However, if you lose because you want to feel better about yourself (which is fine) as well as take care of yourself and offering up the pain of your hunger or suffering while doing all that, then you’ve turned something like losing weight into a spiritually-motivated act.

No more than combing your hair or picking out a decent outfit to wear. Losing weight should be done, first and foremost, for your physical well-being. Vanity is when one goes to extremes to place emphasis on their looks to the point of never feeling like they look good enough.

No. Lose the weight. Feel better and look better. God did not create you fat; you did that. So, hit the restore button…teachccd :slight_smile:

No, not at all. If you needed a haircut because your hair was unruly would you consider that vanity?

I think woman who are thin and obsessing over five pounds are guilty of vanity. But if it something like 20 pounds or more, then it is reality. And most people do look better when they lose weight but not all!

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