lost and confused

well, a short background - my husband and I do not have a good marriage. He took a new job and moved - we decided I would stay at mine and be together on weekends (we did this because we couldn’t decide if we should move there permanently and wanted to be able for him to come back if this job did not work out which we did not think it would long term).

So, anyway, we spent a lot of money moving us both and new apartments and deposits, and gas, and moving expenses only to have him take 2 vacation days which mgt agreed too reluctantly and then he got ill, and took 4 or 5 days off, which I thought was kind of long to have off, so he goes back to work yesterday and then calls me today saying he’s been fired for taking too much time off and he’s only been there 3 or so weeks.

He was telling me the whole time how much he misses me and our son and all that, so he is glad it’s over and he can come home.

Well, tonight he is back and started drinking. We went out to dinner, and I accidentally stepped on his foot (I didn’t even notice it so I know that it wasn’t hard - and I wasn’t drinking so I should know). So, he started calling me names in the resteraunt kind of loud and then in the car he starts complaining about how he should have never married me - and you can tell he’s a little drunk. I try to let it roll off my back but believe me, it’s hard when he’s telling me these kinds of things.

He is kind of selfish he thinks everyone should cater to his heeds - he is mad b/c my parents who are leaving out of town tomorrow for the day can’t watch our son - I didn’t even ask b/c I know they are going, so that just made him more irrational to talk to and mad b/c they aren’t going to be watching our son so my husband can go dancing - no kidding. He is mad that my dad went inside the house when we picked up our son, and I pointed out that my dad came right over to the car and started talking to my Dh, but when went inside (probably because you can tell Dh had been drinking - I mean my dad hates that)

He says he’ll stop the drinking and smoking, but yeah right I have been hearing that for years. I am not trying to make it sound like he drinks every night and lots, it’s not like that, but still it’s enough and when it does happen, he just gets mad and just like I was mentioning. i just don’t get how one person can go from 2 extremes in a matter of a seconds - you are the best most understaning wife - you are a horrible woman and I should have never married you, I hate your parents, and so forth.

I need lots of prayers. I have no clue where our life is going. He doesn’t want to get a permanent job b/c he wants to take off and visit his family with our son (sometimes he wants me to come and sometimes not), so his dad can see him. I say why don’t you go see him for a short visit ( we all will) and then how about you take care of your family here? But wait, no, he thinks why can’t I take care of him and that I am trying to make him turn his back on his dad (who lives VERY far from us). Hmm…I don’t know anymore what to do, but I need lots of prayers if you have a few minutes! Thanks!

I’ll be praying for you.


I pray this for Jennifer and her family.

Nothing is more powerful than the Blood of Jesus! Because of the perilous times we live in it is especially important to pray this daily!

In the morning:
Name all the people you will be covering – then list specific areas below:

  1. SALVATION - That none of us would be lost, led astray or deceived.
  2. SAFETY - That we would all be protected and safe from all harm (spiritual, mental, physical or violent, satanical harm).
  3. MINISTRY - That the areas of ministry God has for us would be fulfilled.
  4. MARRIAGE - That God would heal the things that are wounded or broken and strengthen the good things.
  5. RELATIONSHIPS - That all of our relationships would be based on good and Godly principles. (If you need to name anyone, do so.)
  6. HEALTH - That we would all be made whole, spiritually, mentally and physically. (Mention anyone on the list with health problems.)
  7. HOMES - That they would be protected from destruction, spiritually, physically, or materially. That they would be havens from the world for us. Places where God’s love is shared. (Also include our churches, schools, places of employment and any public places we may visit.)
  8. VEHICLES - That we would be protected in all of our travels (all modes). Safe from accidents or harm.
  9. FINANCES - That God would bless our jobs, businesses, and that our needs would be met (all bills, financial obligations - state needs).

In the Evening:
Name all the people you are covering.
1st. Ask the Lord to cover all of you with His Blood that it cleanse us from any encounter with the kingdom of darkness this day. Cleanse us of its effects or damage and do not let it affect us or enter into our day tomorrow.
2nd. Pray that all would be covered with His Blood as a protection. That we would be hidden in the shadow of His wings, placed in the bosom of the Lord to be safe from all harm. Lord, place a wall of protection (a hedge) around us that satan cannot enter into our lives to rob, steal, kill or destroy what belongs to us as the family of God. In You, Lord, I hide: our salvation ,our safety ,our ministries, our marriages, our relationships, our health ,our homes ,our vehicles, our finances

St. Rita, exemplary wife and mother and patron of desperate/impossible causes please pray for this family…

Praying for you both. :gopray:

May St Monica and St Helena, both patronesses of difficult marriages along with St Rita, intercede for you.

May your husband be guided to recognize his problems and realize your love and support. May you be strengthened. May your son be guided and strengthened. In Jesus’ name, Amen

You have my prayers Jennifer :gopray:

is it possible your husband is depressed? have you both spoken to a priest about your marriage? would he be willing to have counseling as a couple?

Praying for you Jennifer.
Praying for your husband to be delivered from the spirit of alcoholism. May the Holy Spirit bring you and your family peace, love and joy in his presence. In Jesus precious name we pray.


I will say special prayers for you.

Praying for your situation.

I pray for your husband, that God might show him the way towards love and compassion, and that he might change his ways and learn the ways of love.

St Joseph, pray for Jennifer’s husband. Pray for Jennifer and her child, may God watch over them and bring them to Him.

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